Why Multitasking is a con

posted by Mairead 30 August, 2017
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A little thinking time has been a really good thing this summer ,

For years people have been telling me that multi tasking is a thing women do well .
I think it’s up there with the least productive and self-sabotaging things we do.

I never feel focused or relaxed when I have uncompleted tasks swirling around in my head.

I think Multitasking is BS. I am a big believer in practicing to concentrate and focus, and it’s not a natural thing for me to do. So I have had to train myself and keep dragging myself back to focus .

The addictions of modern life are often counter productive .

With the temptations of multi tasking, phone checking, and social media addictions it’s easy to get very little actually done .
You never get really in the zone for one activity if you relentlessly flit from one thing to another.
So nothing ever gets really done properly .
Lots of balls in the air leads to dropping the ball all the time and getting no project complete. I think this leads to all that anxious stuff that seems to be the modus operandi in many of our lives .

Just having small, silly lists swirling about in my head , paying electricity bills and dropping dry cleaning off can ruin my concentration if they are hanging around in the back of my mind.

The anxious stuff is a mind killer, and when I look at why I sometimes feel anxious and overwhelmed , I take myself  out of circulation , go sit down in a quiet place and work it all out . My little life review mornings are so valuable .
When you sort everything out life is much more manageable.
Firstly I pay all the annoying little bills that I resent or just keep shoving aside .Then I list and contact all the people I have been meaning to call for ages ..the work stuff , not your best friends !
I find calling people way more effective than just emailing them , then things get actually done rather than just transferring to yet another day.
Then I work through, and throw out, or file all the piles of paperwork that stack up on my desk for once and for all.

I take a sheet of paper and write down all the other things I need to know and can do something about  then I execute it .
I calculate how much things cost , how much I spend , how much I need, rather than just get  worried about the big picture without knowing the facts.
Having a never ending worry line with not enough facts can be overwhelming. But if you know your life in hard print you can manage and plan everything so much better, including your luxuries and treats.

I figure out the actual things I need to do. Not the things I would like to do with the rest of my life , just actual mundane tasks .

Then I eliminate all the things I can do something about .
This helps enormously to clear my head and focus, without guilt, on things I actually need and want to do .
After all this I can use my willpower for moving forward in life and not feeling dragged downward in a negative spiral of what is holding me back.

Multitasking does not save time, it creates a longer list of things to do. It slows you down , it’s hugely distracting and makes you way less productive.

Spinnoff classes are all built on making time to focus, and I really believe taking one hour to only think about one thing – our self investment sweat- helps train our brains to concentrate better.

Working out is about so much more than weightloss and having a great looking body ( obviously it helps that heaps!) but having a strong focused life is one of the reasons I have loved doing hard workouts for the last 12 years .

Training your mind is way easier when you can clear your head and properly focus on what is important .
Growing into yourself doesn’t just happen , we have to find our fierce, and work hard to be under our own control .

Taking back my life has been the reason I can get up and do hard stuff when my life is challenging , and being physically and mentally strong is reinforced by knowing I can really surprise myself by being more disciplined than I ever knew.

Releasing yourself from all the time to drift off and just taking your mind and body on track with one goal , will always give you a tangible result .

Stepping away from your phone, and your life, and trusting us to guide you for an hour is a great way to let go and do something for real results.

Sticking to one task , even when it’s hard , is a big step to pushing myself into places I didn’t think I could ever go.

Teaching yourself to be focused on you , is a great step toward seeing your capabilities in a whole new light.
Even on days when you arrive feeling loose in the head , your body and mind will come back to a settled calmer place powered by strong happy hormone boosters  .

Drifting about in your head and letting your mind wander, is not thinking , it’s not relaxing and it’s not an investment in bettering yourself.

If you clear out all the stuff , you will be more able to think clearly, and when you are done with your day you can relax your mind and body in a way that won’t require a drink to calm you , you can just be calm and not swirling about with nervous energy.

So, try going against the tendency to drift off. Make way more time for yourself by learning to concentrate and take the small stuff seriously for an hour or two a week. It makes a huge difference to feeling in control of your life .

Surprise yourself sometime . Practicing fierce focus is a great way to start .
Welcome back to life in London .. in spite of all those post holiday feelings of wanting to remain living in rural France with a low budget, lots of hills to cycle and climb in , a simple life and and twenty great fresh food markets nearby , this is our lovely town and I really would miss my life and all you lovely people if I left and there are occasionally sunny days in London!

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