What We Offer

Spin Classes


45 minute spinn classes. In a darkened room with really well trained and qualified cycle teachers we play the best music – because music matters helping you get motivated and concentrating with fierce focus. We pride ourselves on always having correct bike technique and in training properly. We make sure you are set up properly and keeping good form at all times. If you’re training for an Ironman or you just seriously want to lose a few pounds we know how to work out what you need, and keep you motivated and improving. After we ride for 45 minutes we have 10 minutes of arms and abs off the bike, so you have an effective full body workout and stretch. No matter where you are starting we can guide you on this journey so you can get the results you need in a safe monitored place.

1/2 Spinn, 1/2 Core

Half an hour on the Spinn bike and 25 minutes of core and arms. A really dynamic class starting with cardio, to sculpt your body into lean and strong. This is beach body hot. We don’t miss a muscle, so you can feel awesome about revealing them. Strong muscles don’t have to be big muscles, lean is important to us. It’s why we do it so well. These are the best weight loss and total shape up classes you can find and they really work together with our Spinnoff food plan . Just ask us for details .
Personal Training


We offer a bespoke personal training service no matter where you are starting. Off the bike and with lots of variety no two sessions are the same. No matter where you are starting we can get your body strong and properly fit. We believe in training your whole body rather than just having a workout. Athletic movement is the fundamental groundwork of our Personal training because that trains your body for everyday use first. Watch how athletes train and you will see they use every muscle, every time, because that is how truly fit bodies are built. Fitness is a life long commitment to your strength and health and for that we first learn the weakness and then work from there. Our clients vary widely in age and ability so do our training sessions. Athletes train and develop to build fit bodies by training all the muscles, the endurance, their mobility, balance, anaerobic and aerobic levels and of course mental strength, it’s the only way to get overall steadily better and it really works.

The Spinnoff Food Plan

£80 per month

To stay in optimum health we have developed a tried and tested Food plan to get patterns in our nutrition life. You can work out like mad but if you don’t eat the right foods and drink the right drinks you won’t get the best health results from training by itself. No fads no nonsense and lots of sensible easy options we have a 24/7 WhatsApp connection so you become accountable to yourself on everything you eat and drink. It’s easy to see what you actually eat and what you should eat more or less of when it’s written down and recorded. We have had huge success with this programme and it’s nice to be cheered on. Everyone needs a cheerleader in life sometimes. You get one hour of consultation per month at the studio or on Skype to explain discuss and get you all set up. A pdf guide and lots support and ideas. It’s the patterns that matter in eating, that way even if you fall off the wagon you have a safe place to return to. This works!

The Food Plan Plus

£130 per month

Everything as per The Spinnoff Food Plan and specific to you 5 videos per month of very clearly instructed exercises which amount to 10 solid minutes per day 5 days per week of really effective exercises. One session in the studio or on Skype per month. We have tried and tested these exercises, we know they work and they are very clearly explained so you can do them correctly.