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posted by Mairead 5 March, 2016

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Take back your strong.

I often have conversations about being strong with people who have never been to Spinnoff .
I use the word strong a lot. Sometimes it sounds intimidating to people who haven’t been here.

Strong is important .

We work hard on strong at Spinn-off.

Strong has come to mean big muscles in many circles.
Strong says bulky and hard.
It doesn’t have a gentle lean centered image.
But that is so wrong because some of the strongest people I have known are also the most gentle.
They have a peace and happiness that you just can’t buy or read or learn.
There is a certainty in really strong people that bypasses all the vision that comes to mind in bulk.
They are not belligerent, they are focused and centered.
They just have that undefinable presence that feels big.

My Dad was strong. He just knew himself. He was fine within himself. He never spent one moment deciding if he needed to change his ways, because he was strong in his heart about what he felt.

If he needed to lose a few pounds he said “I’m fat I’m going to eat less rubbish for a few weeks”
If he needed to work harder he did that. If he needed a nap mid day he downed tools and slept.
He knew himself better that anyone else and that showed.

The need to question ourselves is way too out there these days.
We need to stop criticizing and questioning our purpose and just keep building the good sides.
Take a little more time to be genuinely nice to people – hang out more with them and spend way less time with foolish people and on thankless tasks.

Strong is the new skinny is a catchy Instagram thing that bypasses the real meaning for us.

To me everything comes from strong.
Getting up everyday deciding to be happy , building a life , keeping going when life is tough, looking nice , feeling good , having good legs , loving your people, smiling , being content in yourself , taking great care of yourself , that’s really strong .

Sitting with yourself and being genuinely okay with that , that is strong.

Really taking care of all you have, requires strength.

Hearing yourself when everyone else seems to have firm opinions on everything you can and should do is strong.

Hearing other people and sifting in the useful information is strong.

Clearing your head, shutting down your negative internal dialogue and being yourself is strong.

Following through on real decisions takes real strength.

Giving your body the best shot because you deserve it is hard, and requires your strength.
When your body feels strong it will carry your mind to safe places.

That’s what we sell at Spinnoff,  real strength , where you can clear your mind , make your body strong , and gather your thoughts, so you can be your best you . That’s why we started and that’s why we won’t ever change our path.

Sometimes you need to do hard stuff and you need to concentrate , because all the noise in life, and all the London chaos can cloud your strong, and make you forget to be kind and gentle and content , to be a fierce happy easy going person.

You are so lucky , you have lots of things , you are healthy , you have people who love you .
That is strong .
You should build on that .

Strong is way more than the new skinny.
Surround yourself with kind strong people and be happy growing into the best you .
You will look nice and you will feel better .
Take back your power, take care of your mind and body .

You’re good enough, look after that .

“It’s lovely to know that the world can’t interfere with the inside of your head.”
–Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes

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