Try harder because you owe it to yourself.

posted by Mairead 29 August, 2016


Post Olympics life is a little less exciting but here’s a big cheer for all those people who gave up all their time and invested all their dedication to their fitness and excellence and didn’t make the medals.

For each¬† medal winner let’s not forget the athletes and their support team who just got up everyday and dedicated their lives to trying to be the best.

The athletes who didn’t make the team or the podium or the glory were working away everyday to get there .

Simply doing their best because they could .

I really like that .

I bet very few of them decided to give up sport because they weren’t on the podium .
They had those million moments of that sense of achievement .
Those moments when they were surprised they could do more feel more and be more.

Moments you never feel if you just don’t bother to try.

Those moments when you push yourself in sport that make you realise you have more grit than you thought you had.
You’re better than you thought.
If they never pass any school exams kids and teenagers really need to feel that.
I passionately feel that knowledge of your inner fierce power sets us all up for a fulfilled life.
Seems to me too many people focus on why they are restricted and why that limits their power .
Sure dedication requires effort – sometimes boring relentless effort -but it teaches us all an invaluable life lesson. You can do hard stuff and you can change situations for the better wherever you start.


It’s important to remember a strong lean body feeds a strong mind, so whatever you come up against you are ready.

Life, like sport can be a big challenge but just backing away from the hard stuff when it doesn’t get you immediate glory is just not an option .

Focusing on all the benefits you get from a really healthy lifestyle is enough to get you started on the road to success.

Doing all the right stuff is easy when you see the payoff.

Just decide you’re worth it.

That way you will have no regrets in the future- about wasting your time- and that guilty feeling of being unfulfilled will have no place in your life.

Your healthy body and mind is yours to take care of .

Don’t set it up to fail because you can’t be bothered to invest the time and effort.

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