Time to get it together in NW3

posted by Mairead 18 April, 2016
Dear Spinnoff Athlete

We have had a great week of sweat and music at Rosemont road.

We know this time of year it’s still a bit hard to see your summer festival/beach potential and it’s very easy to let the big plan to get fit and lean drift on and on in the planning stage.
We are all over the little bits of sunshine we have been seeing !

If you chip away and get started – and keep putting the lycra on and just get going – big changes can be made before you have to face that awful moment -with the bad lighting -trying on your summer togs again. It doesn’t seem to matter how much money you’re spending why do all shop dressing rooms make your bikini/speedo body just a little bit frightening ?

We are very keen on healthy bodies here and are full of great practical ideas to keep pushing you toward your best self.
I think one of the best ways to do that is step out of your flowy clothes comfort zone and mix with healthy fit motivated people in our great NW3 community. Check in with our Facebook / Twitter and Insta to get to know us better .

Don’t think for one second that heading in here is some kind of scary challenge for the superfit . We are not Olympic athletes and remember everyone who comes here finishes the class. Arms and abs are covered here too so you can do the whole “Suns out Guns out ” thing all year long.

There are several people people here who started working out with us at 24 stone, and are now regular (and leaner) fitness folks. There are people here who are hugely athletic and still working on building that .
Our educated AND FUN cycle teaching works for all sorts.
Tell us where you are starting and get going .
Just bucking up your ideas and deciding you are going to change up your fitness levels is the place to start on this journey.
When you have decided to flag a bit in life , spent too much time embracing the wine and buns or the cans of fizzy drinks ( Wine is the devil – don’t go there )  you need to make the decision to rescue yourself.
Eat in- workout .
It’s a decision thing .

Your body need to be strong to thrive.
So book in and get with your people – so many of us here have taken back our power one step at a time .
Everyday is a challenge to get back to yourself but if you don’t put the wind back in your sails and push your self hard sometimes , who will ?

You just need to keep deciding that great music , that feeling of empowerment (that happens after about 24 minutes when the endorphins kick in -trust me) , your healthy strong body and your meditation in motion are important .
This is not a page on Instagram telling you how beautiful and strong  you are. This is where you go to get real results.
Your health is important .
Don’t take it for granted.
“I really should get back to working out “means nothing . Just book back into yourself then you will see real results .

Book here and get serious about investing time in you .

Big Cyber hugs

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