Thank you

posted by Mairead 24 November, 2016


Dear Spinnoff Athlete,


I know its not our Thanksgiving but since we don’t have a day dedicated to Thanks , I’ll use the American day to say this .

Here’s a little Thank You note to you all .

Thank you for making our little world  so much better.

Thank you for everything you gave at Spinnoff this year.

Thanks for the smiles , the sweat, the joys and the aches.

Thanks for the little heads up smiles on rainy mornings.

Thanks for the quiet times together in the chaos .

Here’s to enjoying  many more steps on our road to perfection.

Here’s to group power. Knowing you are not the only kid on the block with
hormones, issues, and lack of control , somehow encourages control of the slack.

Here’s to the atmosphere of jolly hockey sticks. May we long remain
excited about life, or at least retain the ability to be amused by it .

Here’s to getting older and wiser . Nothing compensates for the advance in years better than the wisdom to realize we have found ways to repair the damage .

Here’s to being fit and fabulous, and having the grace to know that these things are internal as much as external.

Here’s to taking time for you and embracing it. You can give nothing if you have nothing left to give.

So here’s to building the strength and space, to be stronger, better, and the most
fierce in the village , inside and out.

We can do this together and alone , with distance and closeness, and the knowledge that life is a perfect combination of both.

And so importantly, Thank you so much Universe for our fierce Asha striding through our doors today. The world is a better place for that .
Just get happy folks , we are very lucky people .

See you soon.

Big cyber hugs

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