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posted by Mairead 3 June, 2016

Our  classes are getting really busy so make sure you are booked in online and arrive early so you’re not disappointed and left outside alone and frustrated.

We close the doors when the classes are on so you can concentrate on your workout .

Get the Spinnofflondon mindbody app  for your phone so you can book quick as a flash
. Look for Spinnofflondon.

  • Call us 02073178230
  • email info@spinnoff.com
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Dear Spinnoff Athlete,

Here’s what’s happening at Spinnofflondon

Double Mairead                9.30am and 6:30pm  Full Spinn with abs and arms .

7 am                                  Mairead Full spinn with abs and arms
8.45am and 9.45am         1/2 Spinn 1/2 core

9.30 am                         Full Spinn

6.30 pm                         Full Spinn with arms and abs

7 am                              Full Spinn with arms and abs

Mairead                        Full Spinn with arms and abs

Friday  9.30 am
Mairead  1/2 Spinn 1/2 Arms and Abs Serious pretox for the weekend

Saturday  9.30 am
Mairead  Full Spinn- or most dancy tunes- but it’s always a real  workout – then do Arms and Abs

Sunday 9.30am
Oh yeah! The Epic Sunday Sweat with Mairead -Full Spinn with arms and abs (and every other muscle)
Get booking – it’s busy 

Book here 

In house chat-
Rachel is on hols this week in Greece-
Neil is teaching in China –
Rumour has it Eileen is back from her world tour of being a fantastic actor and will be showing up any minute now -One week performing for Obama – the next week performing for you !
We are so Glamorous here .
Mairead is working -but festivals are coming up and Summer hols so I’m taking this mission seriously .

Classes expire after 6 months so if you haven’t been using yours get in here quick .
Weight loss

If you want to lose weight and be healthy stop buying rubbish for your house. It’s actually not rocket science and you don’t need to weigh anything to lose weight- except yourself.
If you have biscuits and “snacks ” and general processed bags of rubbish and ice cream and crisps in your house chances are at about 7.30 pm every night you will start to eat them . If you eat actual food you won’t be hungry. If you don’t have them  in the house you won’t eat them .

And stop blaming your kids.
Millions of children (including my unfortunate ones ) have grown up without a drawer full of junk in the house. They will probably complain . Ignore them, or worse, hug them, watch how quickly that gets them moving .
If they want it so badly they could always walk to a shop and buy it . It’s not actually cruel.
If there are blueberries bananas and strawberries and fresh fruit chopped up they may just eat more of that – so will you .Nobody ever needed a chia seed – just eat real food. That expands in your stomach too. Eggs fish chicken meat milk are good for you
( buy those organic – less junk pumped into it ) and just wash the fruit and veg.
If you’re not hungry for an apple or a pear you’re not hungry.
You may just be bored .

Weight loss is about mind control and telling yourself to be aware that all this junk is leeching strength for you – and you need to be strong – because the alternative makes you miserable and tired and unhealthy -forever. It’s killing your hormone’s, your bones and all your healthy cells and -it’s making you FAT.
It also makes you less fun to be around .

Be a fun person and come hang out with us .

Life really is too short for binging judging suffering and regret.

Eat well and have a treat night once a week . It has to be the same night every week, That’s the rule. If you miss it – do it next week.
If you stick to that all the time your body and your mind gets used to it very quickly and you genuinely enjoy the treats way more when you have them.
There is no need to wait till next week to get going – just start right now.
It’s just like giving up smoking or any other drug. Just decide and get your head right.
If you really don’t know where to start – come see me – I used to be fat and I couldn’t figure out why.
No amount of crash diets worked because it’s really not about weight loss – it’s about having a healthy routine, being accountable to yourself for your health and not looking for miracle cures.
Eat twice as much fruit and vegetables as you did last week
and cut out all sauces – ketchups – soy- mayo- bbq sauce etc. and bread and All things in packets-however expensive or trendy.

It’s Spinnoff treat night tonight – whoop whoop …
Have a lovely weekend .

Things to remember
Remember Cheese makes cheesy thighs

Peaches make peachy bums
Wine is the Devil
Book here

Big Cyber hugs you gorgeous person

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