Take back your power

posted by Mairead 24 February, 2016

Dear Spinn-off Athlete,


So, it’s time .

The party begins again and it time to get yourself back to healthy physically and mentally.
Winter is for working at Spinn-off and getting your head and body to a better place. I have been New York  Working out so there is some more fierce fit happening in NW3 all over again . Come join our great community .

All that slippery slope of cake and wine needs to get put away again until the summer so we can function as the wonderful healthy human beings we are .

Remember nothing ever just happens if you want change .Thinking about it and wishing for it and wondering what life would be like if it were different and you were feeling strong and looking hot just won’t help .

Sometimes it feels so hard to get your head in the right place… etc … but actually it’s just make a decision , tie your hair up , make the booking , pop your lycra on and get to it . Our new playlists are fantastic so let the music lift you into a great place while you get your booty back into action.

Deciding to decide is all just pointless. There is never a great day to change your life , just the right here right now day. Make appointments with yourself , establish a routine where you take yourself seriously and get to it and keep doing it . Thinking takes so much time and gets you nowhere , right now is action time .

We know about radically changing bodies at Spinn-off and our wonderful little community has changed a million moments for all of us here . Sometimes we are here just to improve your mood, and clear your head , sometimes its a sweat thing too and of course you get a strong lean body.

Music helps and we love our music.

It’s get up and go day , and it’s really getting busy here so stop  grand planning and get over here and start working , one day at a time .

Decide you’re worth the investment .

Make an appointment with yourself every week , because nobody is coming to rescue you so you have to rescue your gorgeous self- don’t worry we are good at cheering on rescue plans here.

When you head out next Springtime to get your beach clothes .. what are you imagining ?

Decide now , and we can sort this out together.

Just book an appointment for a sensible easy to stick to simple Spinn-off food plan , get a three time a week routine going on and you are all over it .

Spinn-off works like this,
Our 1/2 1/2 class is half spinn half core and arms .

All our Full Spinn classes are followed by 15 mins of abs arms and stretch at every Spinn class.
We strongly believe that mixing up these classes is the way to total success, but pick and mix what you feel suits you .

We want to do a few morning classes early so now is your time to tell us when is your best time , if we have enough people we are happy to have more early classes . fire us off an email and we will do our best.

We know change is hard but you’re a smart person and everyone has a place here , wherever you are starting .
Welcome back to you kiddo !

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