Summer Health Boost

posted by Mairead 24 April, 2019
Dear Spinnoff Athlete

Easter was just perfect in London this year and it can be a bit hard to come back to reality of life.

So here’s a little help from us to get you powered up.

We are opening a new programme for a big Summer Health boost which includes our fully monitored all day support on whatsapp food plan and 10 workouts per month .
You get an hour of the Spinnoff food plan and general guidance with Mairead to start you off and a lot of cheerleading and support for great results.

This plan is £230 per month and is not variable or extendable. You must take the classes or lose them. It really works to hold you accountable for a total fitness and healthy leaning up makeover.
It’s also a hugely empowering way to get very fit and surprise yourself .

Spaces are limited on this plan so get booked in and you will not be stressing about your summer body just before your holidays.

Our regular food plan is a mere £75 per month and can be purchased separately to this offer.

As you know we think all that bikini body panic stuff is a bit of a nonsense and your year round fitness and healthy body matters way more but getting back on track after winter can be a bit daunting so we are here with you.

It’s great to work as a team in our fabulous community to get sorted out , so take the plunge, save money and and join in the team spirit that helps hugely to make life in general more focused.

Just go to our website
book a class and the offer will come up as Summer Health Boost.

Check out some of our results

Two months work, this works .

Check out our Insta for daily updates on Spinnoff


Big Cyber hugs
Mairead xx

Putting it off won’t make it go away.  Just get it done

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