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posted by Mairead 26 December, 2018

Dear Spinnoff Athlete

We love our community here we think we should just send out a pat on the back to you all for making the huge effort to stay strong .

Well done for all your hard work this year . We have had a brilliant year together and now after 8 months of training we have a excellent new teacher Anna so we can work toward expanding our schedule. It takes a whole lot of effort and dedication to be a teacher at Spinnoff because we don’t hire unqualified teachers or dancers and Anna has given it everything she has . We are so proud of her work.

We feel that your training should be taken seriously and if you want to actually train for a stronger life you should not only have a motivating teacher but one who prevents injury and gets you to your best .

Feel free to let us know if you would love a class time added to the schedule.. We will try our best !

As you know we are all about life long health here and taking that seriously is our number one goal .

So in an effort to fight off the Christmas and holiday excess we are open Friday 28th this week and Sunday 30th . Next week we are open a little less than usual as we take a little break so we can be fully fit and rested for the beginning of 2019. Check the dates on our booking page .

We are also running the Spinnoff food plan where you get 24/7 motivation and cheerleading and really sound healthy weight control advice , without any fads or starvation. This is not a diet, it’s a solid guide to establishing a great healthy sensible eating pattern for every day of the year .

At only £75 per month its very affordable and we know it works time and time again. Just email or ask for the details .

A few personal training slots are available with Mairead each week .
We are certified in pre and post natal exercise too.

Our boxing day sale is on now until December 31st only
When you book a class to save 20% off 20 classes . That makes classes £12.80 per class instead of a drop in rate of £20 per class .

As we end 2018 please know that we want you to know we appreciate so much your being our clients and our friends , it means the world to us that you choose to walk through those doors and sweat with us . This fitness thing is about so much more than the physical results here. Stay healthy you lovely people .


Have a great holiday you lovely people.
Big Cyber hugs
Mairead xx

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