Spinning. Making us happy and strong

posted by Mairead 24 September, 2016

Dear Spinnoff Athlete

Happy days

Spinning People

Spinning people
Firstly Big huge congratulations to our Rachel and the lovely Husband on their stunning and so romantic wedding in Mykonos.

The team is so pleased they are currently resting in Bora Bora from all that hard work she’s being doing



..our world of spinning in Hampstead .

It’s nearly Halloween it’s nearly Christmas it’s nearly holiday time  again you have to lose the weight and be amazing, and get all the stuff done .

Enough already.

Shed off the anxious junk and live your best day today .

Yeah, really .

Sometimes in life you need to just stop complaining and pitying yourself and worrying and get on with it . Stressing won’t help anyway. Pay the last three bills that are hanging over you head – bite the bullet on decisions – and get back to being okay with you .

It’s been hard coming back to reality after summer and everyone seems to be longing for the lazy days back.
The weather and the traffic and how much you spent over summer and all that ,yeah I know , but you know you can’t do anything with that really.

You may as well cheer up .
Remember this , your tribe are right here ready for you to be fierce and you can concentrate on you because these months are great for working  .

I love that Spinnoff is not a corporation and is ours to do with what we want.

We started this to reclaim our minds and get white bikini ready and we became fierce.
To get is through life you really need to be functionally fit.

We will always be small and always be all about our people and our Spinning. It’s really challenging some days to keep a this little business growing but I never really feel it’s a job or “a business” so it’s worth every moment and a joy to see the results.

This for me and my tribe is a safe place to be ourselves .
Without judgement .
Because we are really good at this fitness and empowerment thing together.

Spinnoff  doesn’t sell shampoo or smoothies or the latest trendy protein product because that’s not what we want to do we don’t believe that is what fitness training is about . We do arms we do abs and we do spinning.

We do fitness and we do empowerment and we are dead serious about that .

This studio is about our community ,about picking you up on a bad day and making you feel Badass.

Opening those doors and being ready with a wicked playlist – getting into the dark cool studio and stepping out of reality, in our focused group of strong Londoners and a safe place is irreplaceable to me.

That feeling is priceless.

That’s where you earn your tired and it’s not something you drag about all day moaning because you feel weak.


The endorphin drug beats any class A any day ( I’m such a class A expert – lol )

Nobody is coming to rescue you , you really do have to rescue yourself .

No matter where you are starting remember this , we are trainers and we really care that what we do is not only the latest page from Instagram.
We all stood there one day feeling a bit less than ourselves and deep down felt we couldn’t do that workout. Then we did it – and we kept on doing it and got better and better and it shows.

Keeping happy and looking hot and staying strong is Spinnoff’s reason to be here.

Being selfish and investing your time in yourself will make you have something worth sharing with the rest of the world.
Complaining that your life or your body is not right won’t get you anywhere.
Get on the road and go fix it. You really are worth the effort.

First class is free of 3 for £30 and if you bring a friend you get a free class. Get your happy on
Come and be in our squad – I can hear my kids squirming from here – But I don’t care this is our world and we love it

Big Cyber hugs

xx Mairead at Spinnofflondon






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