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posted by Mairead 4 October, 2017
Dear Spinnoff Athlete

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We are so not Goop followers at Spinnoff .

There is so much BS out there with food fads people have forgotten the basics.

Most of us are not gluten intolerant or allergic to anything in actual food , but so many of us are buying into fads .

The thing is if you don’t actually have celiac disease , then gluten free diets are not going to help you.

Since one percent of the population , at most , actually has this autoimmune disorder it’s worth remembering that gluten-free foods may be more highly caloric and less healthy than a normal diet.

There are real medical reasons that your tummy may get bloated and distended and there are real added products in foods that will slow you down and make you feel tired and unwell. Never ignore or self treat bloating that can’t be solved by peppermint or cardamon tea .

Go get it checked if it’s a recurring thing .

If you are self diagnosing you need to wake up to this. Get to a medical doctor and find out the scientific medical reason for real issues. Don’t just decide on your own with the internet herb and magic gurus who are simply making heaps of money while confusing gossip with actual science.

We are blessed with an excellent NHS. That google search engine is not a trained qualified expert on your body. Doctors do know what they are talking about .

Scientifically, sugar and chemical overload is a real issue .

Science still matters.

If you want to be healthy don’t eat lots of sugar.

Sugar, additives, and preservatives are causing way more problems that gluten and yet this fact is being sidelined because it’s harder to make money from products that have less junk in them .

Like fruit and vegetables.

Stop wasting money on the gluten free Oreos and the new age fad foods and get back to real science. Sometimes stepping out of Wholefoods and into a reality check is a good idea. Lots of fancy modern health food is not actually healthy or necessary at all. Real food is.
Read all the labels and don’t add butter to your coffee unless you are in fact and endurance athlete following a strict diet that is high in fat and properly regulated.

One of the original reasons that this intolerance idea has developed is all the chemicals in our food are bad for us , not the actual food.

Processed bread, pasta, milk, and cheese for a start, are stripped of nutrients and filled with chemical additives to restore taste.

Those  healthy instant quinoa and brown rice bags ? Check the label.

Steamed Long Grain Brown Rice* (86%), Steamed Quinoa Red* (6.0%), Steamed Black Quinoa* (4.1%), Sunflower Oil*, Tapioca Starch*, Sea Salt, Garlic* (0.4%), Garlic Powder* (0.3%), Stabilisers (Locust Bean Gum*, Guar Gum*), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin* ^contain Soya]), Onion Powder*, Natural Flavouring* (contains Soya and Celery), Black Pepper*, Dried Parsley*, *Certified Organic, Sea Salt is a permitted ingredient in Organic Foods

…. the emulsfier, Gum stabilisers, starch,natural flavours , all stuff you should avoid in real healthy eating.

Make your own bread . Add a tonne of seeds . It really doesn’t take long at all . Get a brown soda bread mix , add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed , a big handful of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, mix in a bowl with a few tablespoons more water or milk  than the packet says and bake for about 20 minutes, it’s not the flour its added flavour enhancer chemicals in processed bread that are more often than not causing the perceived problems.

Have a couple of slices or homemade bread a day with real nutrient filled grass fed butter- not the easy spread kind- which can contain up to 25% vegetable oil . Use a cheese grater if the butter is hard or leave it out of the fridge a while .


Eat fat , avocados , fish , organic eggs , raw nuts , extra virgin green olive oil . lots and lots of fruit and vegetables. Filling , nutritious and healthy .

Many green vegetables have absorption rates of more than 50 percent for calcium, eat way more of those. Add more beans and Spinach to your diet for calcium so you have better bones .
Simple things make you stronger.

Follow us on Instagram for healthy ideas for foods that actually nourish you . None of our recipes take long to make or are terribly complicated , and they are all good for you, super tasty and filling.

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Have a great week you lovely people.
Big Cyber hugs
Mairead x

Nothing is more important than your health and strength

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