Personal Tweaking at Spinnoff

posted by Mairead 3 February, 2018

Dear Spinnoff Athlete,

We are changing a couple of class times at Hampstead’s Spinn studio and adding a personal tweaking service .

Monday and Friday classes will be at 9 am instead of 9.30am from Monday the 5th of February.

If you are looking for quick easy healthy leaning foods follow us on Instagram – we post some fast tasty ideas there Insta

Our classes are very busy these days so please book early so you make sure you get your spot .


If you want that summer body winter is the best time to start work on that . Sometimes it is hard to get motivated at this time of year but we know the results we get at Spinnoff are all about being consistent and sticking to a plan.  Having a real plan you can always go back to is the key to making your workouts effective.

Random burst of exercise and healthy eating just don’t keep you lean and strong.

A steady plan of eating really healthy fresh food and working out every week will work .

It’s well worth having a proper chat about your goals and current habits . It’s a very good idea sometimes to get a correct reset and check on what you are doing . If you need more focus you can book and hour of responsibility with Mairead on Monday or Thursday to get on a good path.

Our life reset training hour includes advice and practical training on food , weight loss, workout  tweaks and any specialist issues you may have.

You can then carry on with Spinn and 1/2 1/2 Classes while we monitor your progress personally . We have the most personalised of whatssapp secret service so we can keep an fully focused eye on what you are eating and drinking that may be causing secret weight gain or a slump in your general wellbeing .

We give you real heads up on why you may be having issues and we keep watch on you until you have retrained your mind and body toward good habits  .

We know all the great hacks to get rid of cravings and we certainly don’t diet or eat fad foods at Spinnoff.

If you book one session once a month we will monitor your daily intake of food and drinks and we have had huge results with lots of clients over the years with that .

One session including measurements, weigh in, a sensible food plan and the whattsapp daily monitoring and cheering you on for a month costs £75 .

Personal training is available with Mairead on Mondays and Thursday but book early by email or phone as they are busy limited slots.

How lovely was our review this week? If you would like to see more have a look here We love your feedback , if you have time to you can leave a review on the Mindbody app when you are booking your classes. Thanks a million !

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