Perfection and progress.

posted by Mairead 11 March, 2016

Dear Spinn-off Athlete ,

If you haven’t been here for a while, we would love you to come see us again.

We have a very special offer for new clients of three classes for £30 on our website.

So many of us are trying to be perfectionists in London we often don’t want to try new things in case we fail. .
But ,You don’t have to be any size or shape at SpinnOff on day one , you don’t even need to be fit .
Come join in and do your best – and watch what your body can do for you .

We all came through the door on our day one , we all know the feeling.

We we have come a long way since we walked through the door here a couple of years ago.

Day one at SpinnOff looked like this  .


We have moved on  a lot in the last two years


This week is quite exciting for us .

After lots of months of seriously hard work, we have finally finished driving a couple of lovely website developers to distraction, and we have a new website.

We even have a booking system – where you can book yourself into a class . Easy peasy. It took a while to get the website right because anything worth doing, is worth doing right and sometimes the perfectionist streak gets in the way of speed.

We have to be perfectionists about our work at SpinnOff because it’s really important to us that we do the best we can here, and if you have been here you probably know that .


It’s why we don’t just “get” new teachers randomly from the local gym and expand fast , and it’s why we correct your technique and form . That is why constant training and proper qualifications are important to us.
Our teachers are trained and trained and very well qualified or they don’t work with us . That way you don’t get injured and you do get results.


Anyone can jump up on a bike and shout with loud music. We train your body with great music and technique. We train for results and we get them . It’s still great fun !

Dancers just don’t get to teach at Spinn Off – unless they are also trained qualified and certified cycle instructors, who have been also done Neils rigourous training course  at Velocity cycle. Neil is one of the countrys best teachers obviously , but he also runs an amazing training course when he is not teaching you .
Being cute is not enough!

I read articles all the time about studios with FULL BODY WORKOUTS on a bike with weights and dancing and it bewilders me that people buy into that. Don’t let underqualified teachers train you . Check they are qualified.
Concentrate on bike work, enjoy the mediation in motion and the great space to get real results, then dismount and do abs and arms properly.
Don’t multitask and get injured because you are trying to do 5 things at once.
I admire the Flywheel classes I go to in New York and I like the classes to YAS in LA because they concentrate on their craft. They aim to perfect the cycle workout and they have very well deserved reputations because of that .
Good quality workouts work. That’s why if you look at our regular clients they are all utterly gorgeous and healthy.
That’s why we started, that is why I will never compromise on what we do here.

We want to keep doing great work , we want to keep offering the best  indoor cycling and weight work in London and we want our people to look and feel great when you leave here.

We always need more people like you to join our tribe,
and if you bring or send a friend you get a free class, because we love when you say nice things about us, and we really appreciate that .
Make sure you tell us when you send someone.

You can also book massage with Samuel online now at the studio. He really is great at fixing injuries , ironing out tweaks and keeping your body in the best of health.

Something for the weekend …
Watch out for secret calories – load the myfitnesspal app on your iphone and record everything you eat and drink , and all your workouts. It’s very helpful if you’re just not sure how you’re not controlling your weight.

Wine is the devil .


Neil’s website is here if you want to know more or want to train to be a teacher with SpinnOff
Read about Velocity here.

Big Cyber hugs
Have a great weekend you lovely person,


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