Our Teachers


I started indoor cycling 14 years ago when my sister in law became seriously ill. Cycling became my place to take the pain of that experience from my head and heart, and in that first class I discovered the power of rescuing my whole life. Blending the physical and mental together, learning to concentrate, and live in the moment helped me though that journey, and through every trying and happy moment life has thrown at me since. It became my meditation in motion. Having spent endless time in gyms and taking regular yoga and Pilates classes I saw no real difference in my body in my 30’s. Taking back my power was a real revelation on my bike. I am now a Level 3 certified personal trainer with several indoor cycle qualifications and specialist pre and post Pregnancy training . I set up SpinnOff, because the correct technique with great teaching is lacking in so many classes I attended. I have extensively travelled and surveyed the US fitness market to see not just what is popular but what really works. SpinnOff combines the more athletic educated approach to indoor cycling , with a unique focus on wellness and real nutrition. What SpinnOff provides is a workout that’s fun and funky but delivers real results.


Eileen is a certified Spinn teacher at Spinn-Off and has worked here for 18 months. She executes a class with the level of expertise we expect here. She is one of the hardest working, funny and happy people we know. When Eileen enters the room you know you are riding for success. In her spare time Eileen is a very famous actor. As well as teaching at Spinn-off she has recently, she is officially Irelands leading Theatre actor and is a very accomplished Theatre, Film and TV actor. Eileen is also an Ace Mother of two lovely girls. Eileen is a total hero.


A real cyclist both indoors and out Neil is our hero. A former D.J. He cares so much about cycling and all his classes. You will always get 100% focus from Neil. Each class is a mission for him – to give you the best experience indoor cycle he can. Neil trains cycle teachers globally with his training programme Velocity Indoor Cycling. Travelling the globe also helped create the visual image on the bike, helping him deliver a indoor bike cycling program which blends all three ingredients of realistic riding, with motivation music and an adventure, to totally absorbing you into the workout and allowing you to switch off from everything else. We cannot praise Neil highly enough. It is not known if Neil has a private life. He seems to spend all his life on his bike or expanding his industry vision of how great indoor cycling can be for cyclists and general fitness. He cycles in Spain in the mountains whenever he says he’s on holidays.