You are not too posh to push yourself.

posted by Mairead 24 April, 2017
Dear Spinnoff Athlete,
Our evening Spinn classes are Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm with Mairead. Arms and abs off the bike as usual ..of course.

Make sure you book these days it’s busy .

You’re never too posh to push yourself harder.

People often ask how many classes you need to do a week to get results. That depends totally on the results you want and where you are starting . Firstly you have to keep at it . All year keep chipping away and get into your head that workouts are part of your life , not a reaction to weight gain .

Real body health and leaness is roughly 50% food 50% real workouts

Lots of fast walking in the park won’t help with weight loss, youre simply not burning enough calories or building much bone strength that way.

Park walking and movement in fresh air are excellent , but exercise is different .

You have to sweat and use weight resistance to really consider yourself exercising .

I did yoga and Pilates for years and I loved them but having a deep toned core underneath fat is not going to make you feel that much better in your summer togs or really train your body to be stronger.

We designed our workouts specifically because they get results and you get fitter on a different level .

Endurance work ( the long songs with 7.5 resistance ) really pays off for fat loss, and being seriously fit, and the long term health benefits are scientifically proven by scientists rather than trendy fitness gurus.

Endurance training enhances your immune system by creating extra proteins necessary for production of white blood cells and antibodies.
You really get it right when you do both endurance and strength work ,one improves the efficiency of the other, so we do our cardio, our endurance, and our strength at Spinnoff for really good reasons.

Remember that people don’t just get weak as they get older , they often do less exercise which is a big mistake because as we age we tend to lose lean muscle mass making us feel weaker and more prone to injury.

Resistance training helps maintain and combat the loss of muscle mass by increasing muscular fitness. This training also prevents osteoporosis by augmenting bone mineral density.
When I was 16 I remember thinking that I would retire by my Aga at 60 and just drink and smoke for a few years as I was going to be finishing up my life by then .

Now as we all face reality, the prospect of sitting around for roughly 30 years feeling rubbish after 60 is not such a pleasant one. Nor is being drunk and fat  for ..30 years . When I was a kid most people got old, wore weird frocks and talked a lot about drafts and bad backs after 40 . We are expecting ourselves to be hot and interesting way past previous generations, so doing the work to keep that going is important.

We love our abs, arms and legs looking great here , but the bigger picture of long term health is the really important thing . Staying lean and strong will always be our focus.

                                       The other 50%

Eat real food . Get away from the trendy marketing junk and get back to basics. Eat LOTS of fresh vegetables , fish , meat , chicken , raw fruit , raw nuts , seeds, beans, eggs, full fat ( full of nutrients ) dairy and real food . Cut back on your processed carbs like mad , avoid pasta bread rice and fried foods as much as possible .
Do not eat processed food regularly, even really expensive processed food . Bounce bars and energy protein packaged trendy nonsense is not food.
You do not need to have protein powder or expensive fattening smoothies with all the added stuff unless you’re a body builder.
If you are a body builder be kind to your kidneys and live right, you are designed to eat real food , and will function properly if you do that .

If you’ve got food questions just ask, or have a look through the blogs here and you can get on the path to lean straight away. This time of the year people seem to have a hard time with sugar and weight loss so the blogs may help focus you back to real food.

There is no downside to doing things right , yes you have to step out of your comfort zone , but the benefits outweigh that discomfort a million times. You are no less capable than anyone else . It’s all about making your mind strong and telling yourself you can do it we will help you .

Don’t drink wine if you’re concerned about weight loss . I have strong feelings about wine and how easy it is to drink it and feel terrible next day but just remember it makes you fat for a start.

Have a single shot of vodka with lots of soda water and lime or lemon juice.
Get booking now if you need to look good for summer.

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