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posted by Mairead 24 March, 2017

Dear Spinnoff Athlete,

As it’s Spring time and the days will be longer we are changing our night classes to Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm with Mairead.

After winter you can sometimes need a refresh on the food section of your life. Remember food is for nourishment not a hobby.
Here are some clever ideas to get out of the weeds of sugars and refined carbs

Big salads .

Experiment with loads of veg chopped finely and good homemade dressing . It really takes very little time – a bit of organisation and a few decisions . You can eat lots of salad .

Here’s a good shopping list for salad making.
Use any or all of these .

  Avocado and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs make the best breakfast, lunch or dinner and takes maximum 6 minutes to make .

Cherry Tomatoes
Red Onions
Hard boiled eggs
Lettuce in all its forms
Kale – good if you flash roast it in a pan for a few minutes.
Green beans
Chicken chopped ( but not pre prepared supermarket stuff)
Steak chopped
Raw nuts ( pine or cashew are good)
Cannellini beans
Butter beans
Palm hearts ( love these)

Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Handful of Quinoa
Handful of Couscous
Handful of Freekeh make like Quinoa ( Arab shops – great grain )
Raw Pine nuts small handfuls
Raw Almonds small handfuls
Raw Cashews small handfuls
Add warm chicken / fish / meat /quinoa for comfort : )

Dress with a dash of green olive oil , lemon juice and a big pinch of mineral rich sea salt .


8 Tbsp. Organic Flax Oil ( a really good fat ).
4 Tbsp. of balsamic vinegar (or more, to taste)
1/2 Tsp. Dijon mustard
1/8 teaspoon mineral salt
big pinch of freshly ground black pepper,
Blend well , shake , or maybe use the nutribullet thing you bought  : )
You can store this in the fridge for weeks.

For breakfast lunch or dinner of a life save night time snack..

Chop plenty of fruit add 1 tablespoon of full fat Greek yogurt Lo fat is full of sugar so don’t go there. Fat has nutrients. Add a few chopped raw cashew nuts and a little dark chocolate crushed ( above 75%) for crunch.

Good lunch or dinner
Steam Salmon with a little ground cashew or almonds and a few flakes of chili, a full lemon squeezed  and a dash of green olive oil  in a sealed tin foil package for 20 mins in a very hot oven.

Open the foil after 20 to brown for 5 to 7 minutes .

Fancy teas are good to break habits of eating when you’re bored and are good for you too . It’s a great habit to start and less dehydrating then English tea.
Drink Peppermint Camomile or Fennel Tea, they all calm your stomach.

Camomile is great for calming you down and  is great for your skin, my favourite .

Don’t drink wine if you’re concerned about weight loss .

Have a single shot of vodka with lots of soda water and lime or lemon juice.

Really think about the booze.

We have a great food plan, if you need one just ask .

The weekend is nearly full so get booking !

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