Mind control matters at Spinnoff London

posted by Mairead 12 October, 2017

Dear Spinnoff Athlete,

So the whole self control thing.

The opposite of frustration is that achieving feeling.

There were several options for today in my head. I could carry on sleeping , but I had done 7 hours of that.

I could faff about at home and do all the little things that
“need “doing .

I could have gone out to “treat” myself drink coffee and relaxed ..

I could have gone to the shops to buy dishwasher salt ..and carried on procrastinating real life all day.

Let he who has never fallen into a procrastination-fueled internet rabbit hole cast the first stone here.

When your life is in inverted commas and a bit unreal you need to call yourself out on your own BS.

Working out justifies lots for me. I will possibly never change the world but I can improve my world a little everyday .

Real results matter to your mind and your mind controls everything .

Seeing abs , my actual abs , and being physically strong matters to me.

By distinguishing between pleasure and satisfaction, we can be stronger. While pleasure is good , real satisfaction comes from a conscious decision to do something . Your actions , your responsibility and your credit to take. Care about your own performance. Your results . Never compare your life to anyone elses. Someone will always have a bigger boat, or a better body or more stuff. You just need to be able to look at your life and feel just fine when you sit on your sofa on a Tuesday night.

That is actually what happy is .

You have to do things for you . Because if you don’t do tangible physical and mental challenging stuff for yourself sometimes , you will never have that concrete feeling of achievement.

When I was cycling up big hills and climbing through rocks in 40 degrees on my holidays this summer ,
I was wondering why I did that .

Why don’t I sit on my deck chair and sip margaritas and eat cake all day on holiday ?

As I had lots of time to think on those long hikes , I know I do it for that sense of satisfaction.

Knowing I did something hard , I’m stronger and better and more in control of myself than I thought I could be. It makes me more interesting to myself and allows the lounging bits to be guilt free.

I do hard stuff because I can.

In there somewhere, in all of us, is someone who won’t quit even when she really really wants to.

That’s the important spirit to tap into.

The kid in you who figured out how to finish, how to do hard things .

That is the person who will take you far. Always look for that in yourself.

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster then positive action .

I’m lucky, I have really motivated people around me when I start falling backwards, I watch them strive toward satisfaction and I can feed off their spirit to keep mine going.

Our Spinnoff community spirit is amazingly powerful .

Surround yourself with positive people and seek their help when you need it .

Motivated people will always help you along because they understand the need to be motivated themselves. Nobody is amazing and focused all the time . It takes lots of showing up and dedication.

On those days you don’t feel like doing anything about your workout and you start to think about all the faffing little things you can distract yourself with , just pop your workout clothes on, book in and  go.
It’s not all about weight loss or about having the greatest booty in the village, that happens as a by product of course.

Working out is so much about your mental motivation . If you’re looking for a natural high , for a mood enhancer , for something to snap you out of a funk , you won’t every find anything better and more of an investment than doing a real sweaty fierce workout in a tribe.

When you come down off the mountain the sense of soul satisfaction is amazing.

Nobody is coming to rescue you , you absolutely can rescue yourself but get your people around you to cheer you on .

Healthy really matters, for life.
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