Menopause matters

posted by Mairead 26 June, 2019

Dear Spinnoff Athlete

There is a lot of nonsense in the media about menopause right now and to me it’s all sounding like we need to be super worried about the impending doom of menopause. It’s infuriating because , there are great ways to continue a very normal life without freaking out if you have real knowledge and preparation . Simply complaining, collectively or not  and buying face cream on will not help anyone in any stage of life.

Being healthy matters. I say this all the time but it’s important to hear it .
 Before your bikini
before your flat stomach

 Before your lumpy legs or your big bottom.
Before everything comes your health . The bottom line is the lumpy legs , the big tummy , the loose skin on your arms are all signs of you not taking care of your body for an optimum chance of good health .

Staying active is not enough , that’s movement . You have to move at the very least .
There are plenty of studies , you have seen them consciously or unconsciously that tell us every day that living a full healthy life requires physical and mental consistency in exercise .

Still the first thing we all think about is our appearance. The side benefits of exercise is having a good body . The whole point should be remaining strong and healthy so that we can enjoy a full life . Your heart and lungs and bones and brain won’t do that with a little gentle movement occasionally. Lipo may make you less fat but it will never help your body cope as you age.
Weights , cardio , flexibility , learning new thin
gs and really challenging yourself will give you the best shot at surviving this life in good health . Then you can be set up for whatever genetics throws at you .

Keep your backbone strong and your bottom will stay in good shape .
There are lots of people in a big marketing machine and expensive jackets selling us snake oil right now and waffling and complaining in no direction about what to do in menopause over a bottle of wine . Use your head , clean up your act , work out to stay strong , go to real doctors , eat less crap ..evaluate your health first . If you want to get started come see us for a chat because we actually know great ways to practically handle menopause . Your body strength matters way more than your bottom when you’re in your 50s but you know what ? Feeling good about what you look like makes a huge mental difference long term too 💪❤️

Build yourself , because complaining just makes it all a circle of negativity.. that is never going to help .

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting.. get going and keep going.

See our Q and A with Dr. Gidon Lieberman here ..

Big Cyber hugs

Mairead  Spinn-off

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