Mairead’s Birthday Sale and studio updates

posted by Mairead 31 October, 2019

Dear Spinn-off Athlete,

It’s Mairead’s annual Birthday sale  .

We really don’t swamp your inbox with junk at Spinnoff as we know that we hate that ourselves.. BUT here is a very special offer and some updates for you to get you through the winter funk .

Consistently working all winter will ensure you have a strong athletic summer body all year round and there is nothing better to keep you feeling happy and empowered than really training your body properly and of course great music for your soul .

If you’re interested in menopause, or have any women at all in your life have a quick look at my Q and A with Dr. Gidon Lieberman a menopause expert . Some of our common questions answered. Fitness is really all about whole life health .. not just all about your shape . Just follow this link .

SALE Until November 6TH ONLY
That’s a saving of £144 on full price classes…
£12.80 per class !
Valid for 5 months See the bookings page for the sale link .

No changes
No extensions ..
No excuses

Thank you so much for your great reviews you lovely people . As a tiny non corporate company we really deeply appreciate the recognition . If you would like to leave us a review .. which are very helpful to us please do so here Review link

Big Cyber hugs

Mairead  Spinnoff