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posted by Mairead 21 May, 2017

Spinnoff London

Dear Spinnoff Athlete,

Weight loss and Sports nutrition

Weight loss seems to be the big topic at Spinnoff this week as Summer lurks 8 weeks from now .

The easy way that works is Booze and Bread products
( yes spelt too ) Pasta and white Rice .

If you cut out these foods, double your fruit and veggies and stop drinking wine and cocktails you’ll lose weight fast.

Pasta and rice needs to get cut out too. Replace with cans of white beans ( high in protein) and quinoa.
Add fish meat and eggs to your meals , so you feel full and are having enough real protein.

Eggs contain Iron and Vitamin D and B and if you stick to organic eggs they are really clean healthy food.

Dairy is actually very good for you in spite of popular press. Dairy products contain B vitamins , Vitamin A , Vitamin D,  Calcium , Potassium  and magnesium . Cutting out dairy means you also reduce your intake of these important vitamins.

Use full fat everything , low fat is also low nutrients and very often high in sugar.
Don’t bother with protein powders unless you really are an athlete or you want to have bulky muscles.

Sports nutrition is not actually sugary water drinks and high glucose bars . You don’t need these powders for everyday life and if you’re not a body builder .

It’s eating real food so your body can be at its best to be lean ( not thin ) strong, and efficient as possible.

Eating real food is the main rule in life .

Nutrient bars and so many trendy new foods are fattening and NOT real food or required at all.

I know people and the marketing industry want to think that magic formulas and special diets are required but trust me this simplifying works a million times better than all the other stuff you can do.

Vodka with soda water ( single shots)  with lots of fresh lime or lemon juice if you feel deprived of alcohol.

Remember that alcohol really affects your mental health  so if your having wine regularly and feeling anxious or a bit down in the daytime , it is often connected.

I know it takes discipline to change habits but discipline is required in life and once you tackle the first 3 days of any habit it really is much easier.

We also find on our Spinnoff food plan that having a 5 hour treat days on a designated day ( mine is Friday ) when you can have all the stuff you’re cutting back on it helps mentally.

The rule is don’t change the day off ever so if you miss the designated day you have to wait until the next week . Then schedule a Spinn class for the day after your cheat day so you feel fresh again and you get the endorphin high  #winning

Discipline . Motivation may die but discipline will make you succeed.
So set routines and schedules not great big far off goals and dreams.

That way when your Summer clothes are required you don’t have all the mental chaos and shopping depression.

These next 8 weeks we are concentrating on weight loss and endurance spinn classes with lots of arm and ab work before our stretches.

The summer push is on .

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