Internal Dialogue

posted by Mairead 4 September, 2019


Internal dialogue damage. 

I know a beautiful lady .. truly beautiful, like stop in the Street and say o.m.g. she’s beautiful, kind of lady .

She’s in her 40s and radiant. She’s uber talented and to all of us she’s perfect . Everyone thinks she is .

Everyone except her .

She is so critical of every little thing in herself and how she looks that it’s really heartbreaking . She’s not a basket case, she’s just a self perfectionist.

 Perfections are your enemy .

Ideal bodies and ideal lives don’t exist . It really is that simple . There is NO nirvana life  .

When life is a bit blah our internal demons come out to play big time and mess with our heads.

Everyone else seems to have the better life .

They don’t .

When you hear those voices kill them . Kill them stone dead . Reject them loudly and verbally and physically . It’s often just the voice of anxiousness . See those negative thoughts as real enemies and do not let them thrive .

If your body is not healthy get to work on it seriously , so you feel better . If your life is not going in the right direction sit down and create a plan and stick to your plan .  Your perfect will not drift toward the negative voices . Your perfect comes when you reject those critical thoughts and you know you’re enough for yourself .

 Work on your community, on your strong safe places and shout those voices down whenever they start .

Start getting real .

Voice your fears , examine them properly , don’t fester them .

Discipline your negative thoughts , cut way back on things that feed them .. like regular booze and big sugar items .. depressing to your core .. and feed your body with energy and endorphins.

 You are the only person who can take charge of your life and you’re the only person who you should allow to .

Get practical , do the hard stuff , don’t just allow yourself to be afraid of it .

We have a wonderful community at Spinnoff working on these very principles which makes a huge difference to us all in way more than just getting in great shape . No matter where you are starting. Get going .

If you have your health you have what it takes to build yourself. Remember to value that .

Kind Regards
Mairead <>

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