Hormones raging .. or not ..?

posted by Mairead 20 September, 2017


c3402ba4-008c-4bf7-9e1f-08ae86bf2e39This kinda talk .. this is often hormone speak . Hormones can do this to perfectly normal people .

Hormones.. making teenagers crazy,
Parents unreasonable ,
Middle aged people tired crazy drinkers talking Divorce and weird ailments,
Old people a bit less able and forgetting everything ..
Generally creating a bewildering world of unsettling behaviour.

Hormones are important for calm .  Get them checked out for your own world peace .

I’m a big believer in having your health checks done regularly and one of my main things to check are my hormones.

I had years of hormone imbalance.

Stress , lack of sleep and social jet lag were huge in my life.
I didn’t sleep one night properly for 15 years . I felt I hardly really engaged with people and I was always close to being really stressed out . There was a point where I couldn’t remember the last time I had really laughed out loud in the daytime. Now I’m pretty much a regular sleeping, relatively productive member of society I am, generally, pretty much able to concentrate most of the time and am physically strong and fit.


Once I got my hormones figured out and worked out how to increase my endorphins everything changed in my life. I took my power back.

If you feel like you’re losing control of your focused mind or body sometimes, are lacking strength and can’t concentrate, or you can’t lose a few pounds as easily as you used to, it could well be worth checking your hormones.

When I had weight issues I vaguely blamed cortisol
( it was trendy at the time ) for part of the reason.
But that was way too simple an explanation. I am stressed so I’m fat and can’t do much about that ..

Stress has huge effects on health and hormones .

Stress is defined as anything that is a threat either real or perceived, to homeostasis. Your hormonal balance.

Real stress is when you are starving or fighting for your life, but in our lives things that freak us out or cause anxiousness can have a real affect on our hormones .

Lots of good studies show that stress is correlated with weight gain. But it’s not just the stress , our mind and bodies reaction to stress  makes the whole situation worse.

Imbalance of cortisol , insulin, leptin, estrogen, testosterone can lead to weight gain and a raft of other issues .

In my case stress was imbalancing my hormones, and grazing, to satisfy craving, was making me fatter and more frustrated and pretty unhappy generally.

When your routine and your hormones are out of whack and your life is not feeling under control it’s double trouble for your tummy fat.

I really notice that when I’m stressed or super tired , even if I am full, I will keep eating any old food . There is something about stress that leads to overeating, especially “comfort” foods.

Many of these symptoms are due to hormonal imbalances, which can improve with proper replacement.

It’s a vicious cycle , you eat because you’re miserable and the extra fat causes extra stress  .

Having high levels of some hormones can increase your illness risk so regular checks will help flag up issues and that’s important.

Your doctor seeing irregular hormone levels also helps with the early detection of disease.
Hormones can be sorted out . You don’t need to buy into the idea that its your age or you’ve always been an insomniac or you can’t sort out the stress so you just have to carry on .

Normal hormone levels can really help fix lots of abnormal issues .

Wine/ Booze which is easy to turn to because you’re miserable causes way more stress than it helps . It does not relieve stress any more than smoking does . Dont try fixing hormone issues with wine.

Over time, drinking a bit too much regularly interferes with the neurotransmitters in the brain that are needed for good mental health. So while alcohol may help deal with stress in the short term, in the long run it can contribute to feeling of depression and anxiety and make stress harder to deal with.

My belief that regular wine drinking is the actual devil is not unfounded. Wine, and any excessive drinking affects your mental health and your physical wellbeing .
Wine is too easy to drink .
It’s a nice idea that a glass of wine is beneficial to to your health everyday . It’s a regular on The Daily Mail healthy page etc. every study – every study – is not about drinking several large glasses of wine a day .

Any benefits are very rarely from more than one teeny tiny glass a day, and studies are never carried out in the pub or restaurant or on your sofa.

But .

Who actually drinks one little old fashioned glass of wine and leaves it at that ever?
I remember having a conversation that I could give up anything except wine .
I deserved that in the evening . Life is too short etc.

Now I really am shocked if I have wine the effect it has on my body. I cannot have two glasses of wine without being a drunk . Really . So, not a good thing. Life is too short to be miserable about your weight and your hormones for years.

Single shots of vodka , with lots of soda water
( if you need to drink ) works and drinking one evening a week makes it way more fun too.

Steady on the booze . Try equating wine with coca cola -about the same calories and sugar content.
How many glasses of that are we having daily ?

Hormones change over time .
It seriously can be the reason you are flagging.
Go get them checked.

Oh..and stop eating processed crap . Organic eggs , meat fish and milk is important because the other stuff is full of animal added hormones , which will wreck yours.

I have a few numbers if you need them . I’m not sure the NHS will do a whole hormone check , it’s worth asking…

But this is worth giving up your daily latte money for and your hips will thank you !

People I trust with my health,
Dr Gidon Lieberman at the Whittington .
Wellman Wellwoman clinics  02071250547

Dr Renee Kllerman 02072870877   London W1
Wellwoman Wellman clinic


Side note I bought a soda stream for my sparkling water .. best thing ever !
Make your fizzy water ( cheap !) and add some fresh lemon or lime juice .

Boost your Serotonin Dopamine Testosterone and Estrogen endorphins working out with us, because real exercise really works and you’ll feel happier, be stronger and be more able to cope with regular life.

Book your classes.. Or maybe a hormone check gift voucher for the one you loved?


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