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posted by Mairead 12 June, 2017

Dear Spinnoff Athlete,


We don’t do 6 week transformations at Spinnoff where you can take pictures of your body in a photoshoot and go back to “normal ”
straight after because we don’t believe that to be healthy or in any way associated with fitness.

You may be surprised how may places do.

To us fitness is a real journey to make you stronger and healthier.

Not to make you look stronger .

We are just as secretly vain as all the others but we are first and foremost all about health and wellness. Genuinely healthy people look great, but they also feel great , and we know that.

What we do is not a fad , it’s real athletic development for long term health and we are very dedicated to that .

Can you lose fat from just one area by exercising that area like mad?

Sadly scientifically no . Just like you can’t hold onto weight in one area.

You lose fat from all over the body when you lose fat, eyebrows forehead chest you name it , but the good news is you can tone up specific annoying areas massively giving the appearance great improvements.

So when you see those folks doing loads of crunches (sigh..) it is an effort to improve the appearance of the muscle not to lose weight round the middle.
This explains a lot of my wasted years on that rocking crate thing in the gym. I used to think it helped lose weight ,it didn’t.
Weightloss is about nutrition and exercise. Eat less junk and tone the muscles. A pound of muscle burns more calories just sitting there and looks a lot less better under the skin than a pound of extra fat.

You need to tone all the muscles so they all hold each other in place and they all look toned . Working one set of muscles in the same way is a bit pointless.

500 crunches a day will tone only those muscles you are working , leaving the surrounding ones looking loose and creating muscle imbalance – with often results in injury.

That’s why we mix up our arm and ab exercises lots at Spinnoff because all the muscles need to be worked to create a flat strong stomach and a balanced body. It is also why we do different types of spinn classes .

We tone all your lower body leg and bottom muscles by repeatedly using different intensity and endurance in the Spinn class so you get a leaner, more balanced body , your muscles are not soft and wobbly, you are burning fat all over, and your body is more efficient and genuinely fitter.

To make the body work well and to get vastly improve the look  of areas you don’t want , there are the five solid steps.

Tone —lots of repeated movements of a variety of muscles with weights or resistance
Burn —high intensity aerobic work, endurance work and repeated stressing of the muscle.
Fuel moderately— cut your portions , eat lots less junk, use smaller plates, follow the Spinnoff food plan and drink more water and less alcohol.
Relax- get enough sleep , and rest days from exercise. Work out hard and rest your muscles in between workouts – or use different muscles so the others rest completely.
Then when you use them again the muscles are in an optimum place to be effective and get more toned and beautiful leading to lifelong happiness : )
Stretch – don’t let muscles get tight and inflexible or you will be prone to injury and then the whole changing your body thing goes to hell in a hand basket .

Lean muscles are very much encouraged by a deep stretch. You will get so much all round benefit mentally and physically from taking the time to stretch properly and deeply.

Remember, if your goal is weight loss look after your skin so it retains it’s elasticity and bounces back after the weight loss (usually happens that the skin gets back to where it was before the stretching out but it takes a bit of time , good nutrition , and depends on the amount of weight lost )

To  improve your chances of getting the skin looking more taught again , attending to your hydration needs may help a lot . Water is a crucial component of maintaining skin elasticity. From both food and drink, you should be taking in at least two to three liters of water each day.
Every time you go in the kitchen have a glass of water .

Eat Properly. Two absolutely necessary ingredients that keep skin plump elastic and healthy are collagen and elastin.
Elastin is a highly elastic protein in connective tissue and allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. Elastin helps skin to return to its original position when it is poked or pinched.

Protein-rich foods , milk, legumes, tofu, beans (with no salt or sugar) seeds, nuts, a handful of each per day , and  fish all contain collagen and elastin forming components, as well as oils to help maintain healthy skin. So take your Eskimo oil … It’s great for joints ligaments, skin, nails, hair ,weight loss and bouncy skin !

Really think about the booze it’s very dehydrating depressing and fattening.

We have a great Spinnoff food plan that is easy to manage and really works, if you need one, just ask .
Keep working , because that’s what makes the difference over time . Sticking to a year long plan , consistency really matters , in everything , results with great 6 weeks transformations last about that long and are just not healthy.

Healthy really matters


Have a great week you lovely people.
Big Cyber hugs
Mairead xx

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