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posted by Mairead 28 February, 2017

MilkmanBones carry you for life make sure you are taking care of them.

Minor changes in your eating habits can lead to major changes in your health.

Amid the chaos that claims, scares, and reassurances about food one needs to focus on facts .

Sometimes they are hard to figure out .

Here’s are the practical down to earth logical scientific facts.

Diet and exercise can cure so many ailments that are becoming far too accepted and have become part of a medical treatment world  that is very often preventable.

Osteoporosis, One in three women suffer from this often preventable condition after menopause. So many reports focus on lots of medical treatments and pain and not a word about exercise or food for bone density.

More women die from the effects of fracturing the neck of the femur in the USA than from cervical and breast cancer combined . In 25% of women over 60 years old osteoporosis is so far advanced the spine is deformed.
Training muscles to be strong can prevent and even reverse the damage.

If you just do weight bearing exercise regullary you will lower the risk of Osteoporosis dramatically.

At Spinn-off we are very aware of our long term health plan . If you stay seated without much resistance, cycling is less weight-bearing. The bike is supporting your weight while you strengthen your tendons and ligaments ,and use your aerobic system but when you stand in the pedals , the exercise becomes more weight-bearing: Your feet, braced on the pedals, are supporting part of your weight. Bones respond to pressure by adding osteoblasts, or bone-forming cells, which boosts density. Low resistance is of little value for building your muscles . That’s why we add!

This is one of the reasons at Spinn-off we do plenty of hills and climbs . Pushing the resistance against your muscles makes them strong .This is also why we do weights at the end of class off the bike  , not just because toned muscles look great ( never a bad thing either ).

Even doing 10 jumping jacks a day and cutting back on your wine you are less likely to get a hunch back and brittle breaking bones when you’re older .

How hard is that ?

Top-off is also an all round muscle strengthening workout. Monday and Wednesday we have 1/2 1/2 class of Spinn and Top off.

Daily Osteoporosis Prevention in our Spinn-off food plan.
Eat more oily fish eggs and food rich in vitamins D
Take a daily Vitamin D , you cannot store this vitamin and we really need it to absorb calcium.
Don’t give up dairy , Use organic Full fat milk .
Do cut back on excess salt, alcohol , caffeine, and quit smoking
Get your kids to eat dairy and drink full fat milk. They need it for bone strength and good fats as they build their bones to protect them for life .
Make breakfast smoothies with added flaxseed and some greens . Eat your dark green vegetables everyday  Stay strong , the alternative is misery and weakness .

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