Fruit – and why your should eat more.

posted by Mairead 10 August, 2016


Dear Spinnoff Athlete,

Fruit won’t make you fat .. ever !

Nobody in the world ever got fat from eating fruit .So all that nonsense that people tell you about fruit being fattening is to be disregarded. If you eat fruit and buns and 12 Twixes a day you will get fat. If you just eat fruit and vegetables and a reasonable amount of protein you will not get fat .There are way to many complicated theories of nonsence. Sit back and think a little. Don’t believe the hype.

Don’t fear fruit. Fear the people who are trying to sell you their artificial supplements and crazy diet worlds when you should be focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables, along with lean protein sources to maximize your fat loss and to ensure you have the body that you need and deserve.

Fruit is the most natural food in the world. If you were stuck in the forest, you would go for the apples  and oranges as a natural instinct. The problem is that our diets today are high in trans fats (which circulate in your bloodstream for hours and hours) and slow-digesting proteins, which interfere with efficient fruit digestion. When you eat fruit alone or with vegetables, as you should for the best digestion and , the fruit is quickly digested, it provides great mineral and vitamin fuel , and acts as a strong toxin cleanser .That’s why an early morning fresh fruit juice or smoothie is a top idea to get your body set up for the day .

Fructose  becomes a problem when it’s processed and consumed in concentrated form like agave syrup or in commercially prepared foods and drinks like fizzy drinks that offer nothing nutritionally, which have unfortunately become largely most of the foods in our kitchens.That highly  concentrated fructose syrup stuff is nothing like the nutritionally dense value and small amount of fructose in an apple. Even all those healthy new trendy date filled wonderfoods – yep – they are all processed. Keep it real.

Fruit only has a small amount of fructose because it’s very sweet, and it’s there to make you want to eat it because the whole fruit is so nutritionally dense and nourishing for your body. Only eat fruit raw or, sometimes, dried , as heat causes the fruit to become acidic in the body and strips away the benefits.Juicing fruit from fresh is a great shot of vitamin power for your body .

You’re only getting a small amount of fructose when you eat fruit, and because fruit contains so much water and so many other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and fibre, it’s a complete nutritional package that offers so many health benefits .


People with Candida may wish to stay away from the sweeter fruits until the gut is settled.  Candida causes bloating so if you you’re often bloated check out of the white carbs and starchy sugary products that cause fermentation and gas. Peppermint tea is great for bloating and IBS and peppermint pills are a must for holidays . Somehow after air travel so many people get bloated and then adding the sweet drinks and ice cream its all hell in a hand basket for the tummy !

People that deny themselves fruit end up consuming far less favorable sweet flavors in other ways- sweet treats, sugar or artificial sweeteners . We are designed to eat carbohydrates and some sweets for energy- ie. fruit, as a natural form of energy. I didn’t used to like fruit so much but since I have increased my intake of fresh foods and a larger more interesting variety I’ve drastically cut down on desserts, and in fact lost interest in them often.

Some of the best fruits to add to your food plan are  Avocados , Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, Currants, Grapefruit, Green apples , Kiwi, Limes / Lemons,Pomegranates,Strawberries

Fruit—any raw, ripe fruit—is good for your body your health and your booty !

Fruit adds a tonne of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber to the diet. They help with fullness, keep the diet diverse and fresh. Don’t fear fruits, eat more of them and take a good hard look at the rest of your intake before thinking that fruit is derailing your current goals and progress.

xx big cyberhugs


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