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posted by Mairead 7 March, 2016

Dear Spinn-off Athlete,

Every time I mention food these days someone tells me a new theory on what to eat.

It’s starting to get way out of control . People are just making stuff up and its becoming reality on the internet .

Very logical educated people who know lots of stuff tell me that eating actual junk is good if you count the carb/ protein/ ratios or whatever in them !

Seriously ? I know people who look fantastic right now who carry weighing scales with them in a bag and have no regard for what this stuff is doing to their health long term.
I know some people who eat Indian takeaways and drink lots of wine who tell me that fruit juice is the devil .
It’s about your bone health , your heart , your liver , your kidneys , your innards people , your health is not just your beautiful right now booty .
We all want to look good , but not at the price of our health.
If you eat real food and work out hard , you can look awesome and be healthy . Health seems to be becoming what they write on packets or what you think you are intolerant of .

Insta-nonscience has taken hold big time and people are losing the plot. Everyone who looks cute or buff  is giving out complex eating advice.
It’s very easy to get madly confused about weight loss and health now that the marketing people have realised it’s a great big bandwagon and they are making a fortune. This stuff has nothing to do with health peeps. Nothing .

Just eat real food.

Eat nothing except beans and pulses from packets and cartons and you will be grand. Real food most of the time. One night a week have a treat night . Then treats are treats , and your body get nourished by food the rest of the week .
Easy. Healthy .

Everyone has suddenly got intolerances and allergies and need to buy special processed stuff to eat. If you cut out the chemicals you will often cut out the problem. If you’re really allergic to a food your whole body will tell you right away. having spent years thinking I was allergic to stuff ( the bloating) or had cortisol issues ( the tummy ) or was just stuck with fat ( the age) I changed my food .. hey presto , no packets , no problems and I eat heaps ! It works every time on our Spinn-off food plan , and now that I’m TERRIBLY old I have a flat tummy so it just can’t be the age ! Working out effectively and eating nutrient rich food . Simple as that .

1% of the population are coeliac .. and yet whole isles in the supermarket are dedicated to gluten free foods.
Miles of that food.. full of additives .. and sugar .. and free from this evil Gluten stuff… how many people even know what gluten is who are buying this stuff`?

Gluten’s chemical composition?

It is actually a complex protein created when gliadin and glutenin — two proteins found in several flours — are hydrated and mixed. That’s it . A protein, not evil terrible stuff .

“Free from ” foods are everywhere. Basically free from any logic at all !

When foods are -free from- they are generally processed unless they grew in a field .
So stop and think , what is actually good in your food , not what have they removed or re marketed.

Nutrients are important , that is what you should be thinking about .

Not fortified, added to , cleansed of food like stuff.
You have to beware of fat free,  as this means it often adds quite a bit of sugar. When something gets eliminated, make sure to find out what filled the void.

Are you buying “healthy bars” to replace junk bars ?Even the posh versions of this ?
What do they contain ? Fancier junk ? It’s not about what they don’t contain.
Granola – sugar hell.. and double check the serving size if you’re going down that route .. its often 100g .. that’s tiny .

Just eat some fruit instead because we know what that contains.. nutrients .. and fiber .. Have some dark chocolate , over 75% because we know what that has in it. Control yourself ?

A few weeks ago the world was raging about becoming vegan -because meat causes cancer.
It does not.
Processed meat in high doses causes cancer, because of what they add to it and do to the animals it originated from . Organic grass fed meat in normal portions does not cause cancer . Just eat less rubbish meat and eat good real meat from the butcher – not factory farmed supermarket crap.

The study actually from the World Health Organization (WHO) said Processed meats – such as bacon, sausages and ham – increased the chance of developing colorectal cancer by 18%.

Meanwhile, it said red meats were “probably carcinogenic” but there was limited evidence.

The WHO did stress that meat also had health benefits. I met 3 people last week who told me they were becoming vegan based on that study . No evidence at all to support the giving up of meat but reaction way past logic.

The water bottle I’m drinking from right now says zero calories on it .
Was it really necessary to write that on there’s probably fat free too .

Gluten free cereal seriously ?
Ask your self what is actually in this box of sugary
processed nonsense. Make some eggs.


Eat Loads of nutrient dense real food . You won’t get fat and you will be actually healthy- unlike those foods.

Grab a Spinnoff food plan and get real, not confused and bewildered by all the marketing machine that is riding roughshod over your logic.

They are really not there for your benefit regardless how much they sell you they are!
Now .. have a lovely day you lovely person .

Big Cyberhugs always,

Mairead xx

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