Is your food getting Protein crazy..

posted by Mairead 26 October, 2016
Clever food

Clever food


Protein bread – yes I say, protein bread , must be full of protein- because protein is good  and that must mean it has less carbs and carbs are bad. Like wheat is bad and gluten free is good . Like milk is bad and eggs are bad and protein bars are good.

Assume nothing.Marketing has gone mad .

You really have to think so much these days in order to keep up with food fads.

So stop it now.

Eat real food from real food groups .

Don’t eat food with additives and chemicals in them.

That is mainly what you’re allergic to-chemicals and additives . And real food has real nutrients that really make your body work.

Protein is the new black apparently.

People are becoming obsessed with it and many of us who are signing up don’t know why.


Substantial amounts of protein can be found in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Some vegetables also contain generous amounts of protein—for example, broccoli-  A Real food.

Forty grams of protein is not a large amount of food— and its what your body needs per day .If you’re an athlete eat this twice.If you’re not an athlete don’t.

This is 40 ish grams of protein
So is this


It’s pointless to overload with protein because your body just flushes out what you don’t need. If you’re over eating or drinking protein you over use your kidneys and put serious pressure on them if they are prone to kidney disease. So if you’re always having to go to the bathroom and you’re overloading on protein shakes that could be why.

High protein diets are generally good for you – buying candy bars with protein added is not .

I have seen some seriously rubbish food lately that scream big protein numbers – and they also often contain palm oil and vegetable oil and lots of chemical crap. So be careful of all the new trendy marking B.S .Never ever eat Palm oil its the number one friend of the processed food industry.

Eat food – lots of fruit and vegetables some real protein and real fats from avocado , fish, butter, milk and nuts . If you’re an endurance athlete have hemp protein or take branch chain amino acids as they also make you lean and strong and they are the reason you take extra protein in the first place .

Whey comes from? –  Milk ( for all you dairy free types ) and over use can cause Stomach pains /Cramps /Reduced appetite/ Nausea and Headaches

Just eat food that fills you up- eat one of those protein pots ( used to be called two hard boiled eggs ) from Pret or most supermarkets if you’re in town and you’re crazy hungry and heading to the bakery. Stop buying packets of trendy garbage . Dark chocolate over 73% kills cravings too- bitter breaks the need for sweet – remember that .

If, in your mad busy life, you are trading meals for packets and milkshakes with added protein, you need to invest in tupperware and tin foil.
Roast some chicken fish turkey or beef pieces in tinfoil with a few spices – or garlic -and freeze them on the weekend – then fling in some avocado or chopped salads with the chopped protein in the morning, and a few chopped raw nuts .
Add a little green olive oil , dash of lemon juice and mineral rich sea salt and shake it up in the tupperware.

That actually has nutrients -is filling -and has way way less calories than that protein bar or shake that is being marketed so grandly, and full of fake chemical calories.

Have a great week you lovely person- eat well.

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