Focus on the next step in life 2017

posted by Mairead 11 January, 2017

Dear Spinnoff Athlete




What will happen this year will happen – regardless of how much we dread it or worry , grand plan or avoid it .
Let’s just focus on taking the next step.
We need to think strong everyday and not cheat ourselves out of being the best we can be . It’s nobody else’s fault if we are not doing our best.

Singularly the most important thing in your world is to keep your body strong and healthy. Before everything else because everything depends on your strength.
That’s not to say big and bulky ,that’s physically able to cope with whatever you throw at it .

Whatever you do physically is dependent on your mind and what ever you tell yourself mentally with reflect on your body. It really is that simple .

Our minds want to evaluate , to debate , to question , but if you just switch it off and surrender to work you can often achieve way more than all that questioning can .

Sofa sitting, and mindlessly eating, and the booze over the holidays was great fun, and “you only live once” “you could get hit by a bus” etc. but you didn’t get hit by the bus (hopefully ) you’re still here , just a bit larger and a bit weaker.

So if you are only going to live once you better be strong so you can cope with all that living .

Get here , stop over thinking and planning the big get up and go day, and just book in and surrender to the work you’ll be on the road to fierce focused real results . Let’s forget the future , throw out the goals and the plans and just get to work .

Start looking at your workouts as training not exercise and food as nutrition not dieting and you’ll be half way there.

Get into the fruit and vegetables section on your online shopping – and buy heaps. Then chop  and eat .

Stop drinking during the week completely. It’s a great time of the year to do that .

If you’re stuck with food ask me about our Spinnoff food plan it really works if you bother to read it .

I know it’s hard , I know the thought of starting again is not that easy .

I also know this is worth every moment of the work .

Chip away and one day you’ll be so surprised how far this training thing can take all aspects of your life , and you’ll have a great body too , never a bad thing !

Those of us who were here over the holidays missed those of you who were away  like mad – come back and start now for summer 2017.

We will be posting lots of good food ideas on Facebook  and Insta you never need to be hungry or bloated again with us  real nourishment for real strength.

Classes are busy these days so make sure you’re booked in .

Big Cyber hugs
Mairead xx

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