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posted by Mairead 20 February, 2017
Dear Spinnoff Athlete,
It’s fashion week in London. When people who are very often undernourished and always awfully thin show us all how to wear clothes . I get it that the look of the garment is often better on a rail thin person because it doesn’t have lumps to interfere with the lines but we need to keep it real in our heads.
Really watch a top end show – after you’ve loved all the lovely clothes -switch off for a second and ignore the clothes -and the reality is alarming for actual humans.I know it’s been going on forever and so much BS is bandied about every year about models being naturally that thin.
No, people are not naturally that thin en masse in one industry .
I spent a lot of time with those folks in my other life. So many people who are genuinely proud of being able to starve themselves.
Madly expensive foods from ancient mountains and rare colonics with weird seeds are not at all vital to health and wellness.
It’s the least healthy most fanatical about food and looks industry there is . .
Until recently.669423ac-c354-46f3-ba89-acf28babb010
Enter the protein shake ..Lately the fitness industry seems to be falling hook line and sinker into the fashion madness. So many people who are famous for their “fitness” are shockingly uneducated about their nutrition, technique and Gawd help us that whole “Wellness” thing.
Marketing is always king, and selling what you should look like is of paramount importance.
The fitness industry is somehow morphing into simply a photo op for abs and pretty food.
Not a feeling .
Not a strength.
Not nourishment.
Hardly a nod to any technique.
It’s pretty much a pretty shot every time.
Fashionistas have told me for years that it’s way easier to get a flat stomach for £4000 in Harley street than all our hard exercise, or you can just stop eating- way cheaper too .
It possibly is- if you don’t mind spending 3 months in a body stocking thing everyday
(with some leakage….nice! ) Oh, and the wasting away of your muscles because you don’t work out or eat. But what both industries are really missing in this world of crazy is that physical and mental strength just gets sucked away with all the colonics, starvation, lack of real nutrients and promotion of product and perfect.
BTW  fash peeps -then all your other bits need doing because a full body workout keeps all your muscles looking toned , Lipo just doesn’t do that .

Here’s the thing ,we know all the fads and all the “latest coolest” at Spinnoff, and we do better. Because we are not based on distorted crazy, we are based on facts. In this world of fake news and marketing mayhem stick to the facts.
Workouts are not dance classes.
Flinging weights about hurts people .
Using machines with no technique does harm.
Food is nothing new.
Binging with food creates serious psychological problems.
Your strength really is all you have .
Technique based workouts will make your body leaner and stronger and keep you from carrying extra fat.
BUT stick with a fact based life.
Exercise is focused and exercise will help you emotionally and physically to be more grounded.
Thinness and fatness are like tattoos – not going to look or feel amazing in a few years time .
Lean, athletic and focused wins hands down for your whole life.
What we do at Spinnoff is important . Not just for your booty – which is relatively important – but for your mind.
You must never underestimate the power of happy strong and focused.
Education and certification in your trainers is vital  to get real results, and when nightclubs decide to open a gym with a full bar on site to stop exercise “being boring” you can bet your ass whoever is making money from that has no care in the world about real fitness or health.

Go dance in your spare time . Have a great week – enjoy fashion week – some beautiful clothes out there !!

Remember Cheese makes cheesy thighs
Peaches make peachy bums
Wine is the Devil
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Big Cyber hugs you gorgeous person

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