We don’t sell shampoo, Fitness.

posted by Mairead 16 March, 2017

Dear Spinnoff Athlete

I keep seeing lots of social media posts about goals and drive and purpose in your fitness , and it’s all a bit repetitive and boring to be honest. It also simply is not what fitness is about.

Fitness should be about health, not pretty, and it’s so easy in this media 10 second attention span world to get confused about what you are actually trying to achieve in working out.

We are working on our longevity, co-ordination and long term health here .
For me pretty is a great byproduct of working out, but it can’t be all about your booty .

Getting fit is the key, then a quick blast of effort increase before hols does the trick to that beach body look.

You will get a fit and toned body if you take care of your health- and you will live efficently, longer, stronger and more comfortably.

That old fashioned thought process of diet and sudden burst of exercise is unhealthy and can really leave you feeling unsatisfied with the effort.

Living a long healthy life requires a sensible plan not a seasonal reaction.

Since fitness became the new marketing darling every fad has been unleashed in every way imaginable , and to be honest lots of beasting and sweating and leaping about is simply not effective or sustainable and you get lots of injuries that way.

Workout .
As I’m sure you’ve heard me say , the clue is in the title . It’s work .

To be effective solid training is required. Training like athletes with real trainers .

Eating good nutritious food most of the time , laying off the booze most of the time and getting enough rest works.

Training your body to respond to endurance is effective fitness training .
Keeping your heart rate under control while doing endurance training takes technique in your training.
Anybody can get your heartrate to above 150 beats per minute and have you sweating like mad in a hot room in no time. This is not an indicator of how hard you are working or how efficent your workout is.

Functional fitness- so you can be agile and supple and keep your balance properly are vital from your exercise efforts.

In training like this so you will be lean and strong , and not building imbalance in your muscles.

That’s why we do different work at Spinnoff and it’s why some classes are aerobic , some are endurance and some are combos of both on the bike .

We never do the same workout twice because you should use different muscles all the time , with correct form .

Losing the reaction to the idea that fitness is at all related to a sudden body size change is a good thing.

Fat will fall off and muscle will tone up and your mind will be easier and more focused when you take a long term realistic approach to your health and fitness.

It is what you do every day that matters. If you’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing regularly the results will show.

Have a reunion with your health , take care of it.

Stop fighting body image and resenting what you have or haven’t done for your body and get your show on the road.

When you start to be proud of your body’s strength you will like yourself more , and that helps so much to shove the pursuit of perfection away and replace that feeling with a respect for what you and your mind can achieve.

Then you’re really on your way to all round fitness and strength.

Invest your good days and for sure your miserable days in your strength and book in with us to clear your head with focus and top tunes in our classes .

We are here to support you .

Tell us where you feel weak and we will help you fix that .

We don’t do 40 classes a week because we know that great trainers who really care are are properly trained  are hard to find and not just anyone can leap on our bikes and train your body the way it should be trained .

We don’t sell shampoo or protein drinks or booze or magic powders because we don’t believe that is what caring about our clients real fitness is about  .

We sell fitness and we do that well.

Concentrate on what you are here for and we promise you will see why Spinnoff works.

We have a great food plan, if you need one just ask .

We are busy these days please make sure you book in

Book here

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