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posted by Mairead 21 March, 2018

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Dear Spinn-off Athlete,

Any type of cravings are the root of lots of life dissatisfaction.

It’s easy to defer thinking through the small issues and  just carry on mindlessly.

Check in with yourself when you find that miserable feeling sweeping in and ask yourself what is really at the root.
It’s often just thinking about the big picture of your life and not really dealing with the small issues that creates the daily problems .

On our food retraining programme we meet lots of clients who feel they eat really well and generally they do, but little bad habits add up and there is often a lack of self accountability in the reality because the big picture is all that is being monitored .

You need to examine the details to get the full picture. “I don’t eat much bread” sounds great, but if you eat bread everyday and the odd bun and maybe just a few croissants a week.. turns out that’s quite a lot more than “not much..” The white processed carbs ( bread , pasta , chips, processed packaged preserved foods ) are full of sugar and cause insulin spikes which make you want more sugar which leads to all those extra secret pounds.

It’s hard on a daily basis to retrain your mind when you don’t have a solid plan, which is why I’m a great believer in habits.

Regular sit down meals , not waiting until you’re starving to eat , portion control ( take away 1/4 of your serving every time ), a balance of good fats , lots of vegetables and fruit , and protein. No commercial drinks, really helps .

Having a really great plan to keep going back to when you fall off the wagon and prevents you careering on regardless , with a vague idea to get back on track one day . Remind yourself why you need to cut out sugars and processed junk – however healthy is says it is on the packet . Anything with processed ingredients is not a snack, it’s unnecessary junk food , this includes kale chips Japanese rice crackers , taramasalata , “natural” fruit bars, any kind of coffee drink with syrup in the extras and shop bought smoothies..Think about what you’re consuming regularly , read the ingredients properly , then consider that if it’s got lots of ingredients it’s probably processed .. and walk away.
Eat more apples and real fruit and vegetables or raw nuts, because they contain real nutrients .
Nutrients actually satisfy your body and when you switch over to real food only you will find your body wants less junk.
The popular press seems to have done a great job telling people that excess fruit is full of sugar when it’s the takeaways , the wine , the packets of “health food snacks” that are way more worrisome to your health long term and weight wise.
Nobody ever got fat from eating fruit ..eating whole fruit it is almost impossible to get enough fructose to cause harm to you body

Fruit is loaded with water and fiber and provides lots of chewing resistance . It takes a while for or body to digest so the sugar hits your liver way more slowly than with processed sugar.
Hormones are often blamed for crazy cravings.
Hormones function as messengers between body systems to regulate your physiology and behavior, they control digestion, metabolism, respiration, tissue function, sleep, stress, growth, movement, reproduction and mood.

Hormones inform your body whether you are hungry, sleepy, stressed or getting emotional .

There are ways to correct hormonal imbalance ( ask me if you need to see someone about this, I have great people)  don’t just blame your hormones, go have them checked.
Hormone profiling is a great thing to establish in life – if you can have a hormone check every couple of years you will be able to tell early if your body is imbalanced  . I have one every 18 months or so for the last 20 years and I think it’s an invaluable way to monitor long term health. Your hormones affect your stress levels , your lean body mass, your libido, your bone density , and your physical energy levels. So if you’re feeling blah long term , go get a hormone profile done , it’s well worth the effort and long term saves a fortune in all the over the counter remedies that one often reaches for to satisfy unease. sleep loss and stress.

You need a healthy heart and body, it’s not just about being commercially gorgeous, although when you eat right you will move closer to that too.
You don’t want to have rickety bones and be exhausted generally so remember it’s not just a weight loss thing , although healthy bodies look great .
Order more fruit and veg now- if you triple portions of that you’ll be fuller, more satisfied, way healthier and less overweight .

All this takes discipline I know , but you’re a grown up and things don’t just turn out okay , you have to plan , and organise ,and make it happen .

If you need a plan we have a simple daily monitored effective one , get in touch ,  we help you every step of the way, it works,  and it’s surprisingly affordable .

Get happy, there is no round of applause at the end , this is it, your life .

Big Cyber hugs

Mairead  Spinn-off


Putting it off won’t make it go away.  Just get it done .

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