Come party with us !

posted by Mairead 16 March, 2016

Dear Spinn-off Athlete ,

It’s Saint Patrick’s day Thursday .

From Thursday to Sunday we are partying while we work ,Irish people can do that …

Irish music all the way – don’t just think fiddles, we have huge resources .
Van Morrison, U2, Snow Patrol, Enya, The Script ,The Undertones, Sinead O’Connor, Oasis, ( all five of them from Irish families so don’t go there ), Damien Rice , and a few random singalong songs too
We got tunes and everyone knows we are Fierce Fit obviously..

Come join us for a sweat fest like no other.

I promise you will leave smiling and of course looking gorgeous and healthy even if you haven’t been for a while, now is your moment ! Grab something green and get here.

Cheer up your week it’s going to be awesome.

Neil and I are riding together on Thursday at 9.30am – That’s a really a special event, and as you walk away we promise you will not only be even more gorgeous fit and healthy , you will be smiling all the way home .

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