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posted by Mairead 22 May, 2016

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Dear Spinnoff Athlete,

Here’s a sobering thought .
If you eat 100 calories more a day than you burn you can expect to gain more than 50 lbs in 5 years.
So really think if that extra portion is necessary or you even want it?
Sometimes we just eat extra because we can and sometimes we don’t even notice the extra stuff we eat.

Biscuits and commercial snacks never really give you the pay off you want . I think the need for crunch is the problem.

When you’re hunting for food at 3 in the afternoon or at 8 in the evening its because you’re looking for crunch. The great news is crunch is satisfied by healthy foods too.

So long as you chop up a big bowl of berries and fruit and add a handful of chopped raw nuts you can answer that call.
Have dark dark chocolate on hand – bitter breaks the need for sweet .

Just check how many packets of things you have at home . Even new age fancy expensive snacks are not necessary.
Just because a marketing person tells you the latest hi protein fitness snack is gluten and sugar free doesn’t mean its good for you .

If you think I exaggerate check out how stupid it’s all getting on the gluten train.
Exibit A


Food that doesn’t go off quickly usually contains preservatives and long lists of additives.Gluten and wheat are not the reason you put on weight and feel sluggish. Excess sugar and preservatives are probably the main problem . And wine of course.

If you’re reading the ingredients you probably don’t need to eat that food every day. Fresh is the way to lean up and get loads of vitamins and minerals. Stay strong !

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Thought for the weekend
Remember Cheese makes cheesy thighs

Peaches make peachy bums
Wine is the Devil

Big Cyber hugs you gorgeous person

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