Bewildering times – we need to focus at Spinnoff

posted by Mairead 15 November, 2016

Dear Spinnoff Athlete

What a week !

We are living in bewildering times, this week your head can feel like it’s overloaded at times. When the whole world changes in a flash it’s sometimes hard to navigate back to yourself.

At Spinnoff we believe in the power of doing hard things in hard times.
When you can’t clear your head for all the crazy you can put everything on park, sweat, and concentrate , and somehow you feel more centered at the end.

I am not able to meditate quietly without pretty much immediately falling asleep but I can mediate in motion. That rhythm of a workout is our meditation, medication, and shape up at the same time .

Good music and good people around you make a huge difference in life .
You simply cannot blame everything else in  the world when your life is not under control , you have to decide to change your life if you want to live differently and you have to stick to it.


Choose to drown out the crazy world we have to navigate sometimes and come surrender to the process, and the peace, with us . When you stride away from class that spring in your step it’s your body and minds way of telling you that you are strong and the world will keep turning and you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Spinnoff workouts are hard, but once your head is in the right place your body and mind can handle anything you ask it to do .
Step up and book back into your life – trust the process, we got this worked out, so you get real results.

It’s all about arms and abs these days – of course your legs are going to get strong and lean here , but so will your arms and abs because all over strength is what we are about.


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Have a great week you lovely person- eat well.

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