Success from thin air.

posted by Mairead 15 October, 2016



Does success come from thin air?


Dear Spinnoff Athlete

Success- and how to find it .

Ask yourself where does your power come from ?

I love that somewhere in us all we have a power source we just don’t understand. It could be nature it could be nurture, who knows .
But I believe that we can all tap into it if we just train our minds and bodies to find that power.

You know those days when life is relentless and just plain hard and somehow we can find strength to get up and fight back? I never know if it comes from my body or my mind when I get a surge of good energy and pivot to face the fear, to rid myself of those anxious negative feelings.

I love that in Athlete training I learned no matter how hard it all is -if you keep pushing that rock every day , slowly but surely it gives way and you succeed .

Kicking at problems shouting at them ,crying about them , feeling defeated, or resenting it all just makes you give up, and get nowhere.
But pushing calmly a little every day in the right direction you can move any mountain or challenge and you see that self control , training and being relentless is what it’s all about .

You don’t get that drive to push from thin air, you get that from getting strong and putting yourself in the right place every day.

Thinking about life and examining your mind and inner thoughts is not enough to make change sometimes it stops all progress. It’s all about showing up and being in the right non judgemental environment to succeed mentally and physically.

No progress happens instantly or accidently , chipping away every day in a focused way is the only path to success.

It’s time to take your Vitamin D as well if you’re feeling a bit of the post Summer blues. Vitamin D comes mainly from sunshine exposure, then from oily fish , dairy , eggs , and supplements .


Dairy for success

Be very wary of cutting out natural unprocessed dairy because it’s sadly trendy right now – full fat milk is full of vital nutrients for you and your kids .

So are eggs – just go organic with no additives for dairy eggs fish yogurt and meat so it’s not processed and junk filled. You don’t need organic biscuits.

I can’t believe how many people are against wheat and dairy but eat the pretty yet crap processed alternatives without a second though to chemicals and palm oils and stripped nutrients.

A large chicken egg contains about 6.7% of the recommended daily ingestion of vitamin D while one cup American serving of skimmed milk provides up to 19% of the daily recommended amount.

Real nutrients really matter and that is getting lost in the crazy marketing of gluten free protein filled culture that we call natural and healthy these days.

Vitamin D helps cells , bone strength, depression, weightloss and cardio vascular and blood pressure hugely , and it’s why your Grandmother gave you cod liver oil to prevent rickets .

800 IU a day seems to be a good dosage for most of us .

This is a great Ted talk if you are interested in Vitamin D and it’s serious reasons to take Vitamin D seriously.  Vitamin D Ted Talk

Come hang out with us at Spinnoff and take your health seriously .

Book those Wellwoman and Wellman checks stop putting them off.

Somebody loves you and you not doing your health checks is just plain selfish and silly – yeah really – you can save the people who love you so much worry and stress- or think out of the box for a great Christmas present of a well person check .

Yes they are a hassle and maybe cost sometimes ( are available on NHS too ) but you know that prevention is a better investment than cure.

ASK US if you need a number .

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