The easy way to lose weight- get serious.

posted by Mairead 10 August, 2016

Dear Spinn-off Athlete,


The easy way to lose weight ..There isn’t one. Not one that’s safe healthy and long term.

So get a life plan for your food.

If you diet you will spend your life Yo-Yo ing  .

If you eat well you will live well and look great. It not a nightmare,it’s not that hard really. You choose the body you want to have and decide how badly you want it. If you don’t work on it the  majority of the time it won’t happen. Over 30 ? You gotta try harder, over 40 you have to be dedicated. It’s that simple. In your 20s skip a few dinners and you’re skinnier.


Do you get up every morning and wonder where to start ? Or do you get up and know where to start and by 3 pm start it’s all gone to hell in a hand basket ?

In the beginning you need to keep your hand on the switch awhile rather than just go for destruction and flick into all or nothing.

I know there are times when I am super resolved and like a missile toward health and fitness and then there are times when I feed by belly and my inner slob. This has never ended well. I have never felt better because I ate more. I have felt a lot better because I ate less.

I have tried to ensure it’s more good than bad because if not I will find that bindweed of sugar rooting me to the spot and slowing down my mind body and spirit.

I work out like a demon  every week because I want to look nice and I want to be a healthy athletic type . I need to do this.
It’s a double plan .

It’s not just workouts and it’s not just food. I work out for tone , for great legs and booty, more than any of that I work out for me .
I work out so my mind and body can be all mine for 45 minutes at a time.
I don’t workout to have time to  think . I exercise to clear my head. When your head is full and you can’t clear it, it’s easy to become confused and anxious and unsettled.
When you have a place to do one into one specific thing in a pattern, and to train yourself to clear your head, you can find a little bit of you all over again.

I think as we get into a domestic phase of our lives it becomes way too easy to have that define you . Having a wee piece of you that’s fierce is the difference between a housewife and a moment in time that will change as life turns.

I love being athletic , I love the feeling I get when I walk in the park and I want to speed up my step because it feels good.I love doing a jumping jack because I can.

I’m addicted to  being happy from the endorphins and I love being tired from working out, and and not from being depressed and frustrated with everyday nonsense.

It’s hard to have a life mission when you have kids and husbands and houses and jobs and families. So for me Spinn-off is a mission . Not only because its my job . I need to feel the buzz. I need to feel the physical power that my body can build , so I can support and nurture the mental power that is required everyday in being Mairead , Londoner ,  daughter , mother, sister  , teacher, woman . A little piece of everyone else’s life.

Strength builds strength. Physical builds mental, and mental builds physical.

Baby steps build to stronger steps, and to stand like a warrior in this life you need good legs. Physically mentally and spiritually.
Where to begin ? When you look good you feel good. Nobody is ever going to think you’re hot if you don’t think you’re hot . So turn up the gas and make the best of yourself ! It is simply, important, to look in the mirror and like what looks back at you .

After the wagon falls over every now and then , and one needs to rise from the sugar mountain and stand tall , it’s sometimes hard to steady yourself.

It takes three days of resolve I reckon. So you need to narrow it to the three day plan .

If you’re stuck… Eat a proper big breakfast.

I know you’ve heard it millions of times but it sets you up for the day and stops you careering out of control after 4 pm into a big bag of rubbish . If you don’t fill up in the morning you sure will in the afternoon !

Here is why cereal is a mugs game. Really simple sugars. Straight blast into soaring high insulin levels and the crash an hour or so later.
If you’re running the United Nations and you don’t have time to make breakfast get the smoothie show on the road.
Make it the night before !!

So you need the slow but filling smoothie. Now let’s talk Smoothies. Smoothies are not all about adding yogurt and milk and creamy stuff in my book. Smoothies are freshly squeezed fruit juice and possibly an added avocado or vegetables juiced and maybe a handful of chia seeds and a teaspoon of  maca or spinach or kale or fresh berries or mango maybe a banana. Things you cannot juice you add to the blender with your juice ..
Somewhere in peoples heads the milkshake and the smoothie crossed paths and terrible things that have no place are getting chucked in the blender !
Smoothies are not dessert. Milkshakes are stupid food .They are completely stupid if you don’t like having a big butt and back fat.


Have a shrink your stomach three day wake up call!

That way your body gets focused and you become mindful of the unconscious consumption .  Get to Spinn-off and and sign up for 5 weeks of workouts Spinn and Tummy Tuck and its easy to look and feel better.Just make the decision and make the booking and do the job
..Think about this ..

It’s very easy to pop stuff in your mouth and not even notice.Empty calories out of boredom .
If you’re on a sticky picky patch and you’re lost in the weeds make your way out with three days of fruit, veg , and eggs and grilled un-marinated fish or meat. That’s it . Plenty of that but nothing else. Smoothies you make yourself, juices that are freshly squeezed and not from bottles. Three days, Fruit, veg ,fish meat and a handful of nuts a day. Steamed baked or grilled veg are great. Lots of them is even better.

Then normalise on the fourth day and you will find the sugar buzz that can career your body out of control is much easier to deal with .It’s just keeping your hand on the switch of life. Easy peasy lemon squeezy life back on track !  No pasta rice bread potatoes ( except sweet potatoes). Keep the portions under control , use way smaller plates and put less in the bowl. Eat a little more slowly and if you’re still hungry wait half an hour and have another small portion. It’s self control not rocket science.

Day one will be annoying
Day two will be feeling better …stay strong
Day three you got your MOJO . You’re all set to healthy !


DON’T EAT CHEESE …cheesy thighs anyone ? Cheese if full of salt and saturated fats and additives and artery clogging melted stuff. Processed cheese … are you worth it ..?

Cinnamon ( the cheap stuff included) reduces blood sugar levels therefore hunger and cravings –it’s anti inflammatory , sprinkle it on your coffee or fruit salad, pop it in your smoothie have it on your smoothie. Roast some apples in the oven with a good dash of Cinnamon on top if you’re starving/ craving / bored at nighttime.

Try some desert pears these days they are beautiful !

Drink water , drink more water ! Flavour your water and keep a big jug in the fridge…ADDING sliced lemons, sliced oranges, sliced cucumbers, fresh mint, fresh sage, even sliced ginger will help to keep your water tasting refreshing and great. Try as tea with any flavour teabags – mango apple  blackcurrant hibiscus there are millions to keep you amused and hydrated and desugared !

“Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” ~ Virginia Satira

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