What to do when sugar comes to get you .

posted by Mairead 8 August, 2016
What to do when sugar comes to get you .

What to do when sugar comes to get you .

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What to do when sugar comes to get you ?
Stop waiting for the magic easy answer beans. Start to focus.
Focus is my best word . If you focus on the solution to your problem you will solve it. Focus on the problem and you get more bogged down.
I’m sure you’ve heard me say that multi tasking is nonsense a million times . It’s very true . Multitasking is a lack focus in my opinion .
If you focus on getting one thing at a time done you can do it properly and know it’s completely under control . Drifting about picking at tasks and never entirely finishing anything just leaves one in a permanent state of anxiousness . Whether it’s paying your bills , getting that email list cleared or taking care of your health and wellness you have to focus .You can do something about your health and weight loss today .
It’s not cutting back on  the odd crossiant and making random stabs diets . Cutting back aimlessly just won’t do it . The cutting back plan tends to fail quite quickly because it lacks discipline .
To lose weight and be really healthy you have to take control . You have to have a system to follow and keep returning to .

Discipline is not a dirty word . It’s not that hard either if you decide to focus . Step one get into an environment where other people are focused .
Step two get lots and lots of fruit and vegetables in the house -lots . Not a few bags -get half a trolley of fresh food .  Buy lots of berries and raw nuts and stop buying wine and cheese.
Eat the fruit and vegetables . Juice them , roast them eat them. Think outside the box, you don’t need a house full of special magic food .
Buy fish /chicken /meat add them to the vegetables with fresh herbs and spices . Add some butter and a little yellow olive oil. Roast under tin foil .
Eat lots of good smoked salmon and avocado and organic eggs.
Eat loads don’t starve .
Good fats are good at cutting your body’s cravings for sugar .
You feel full and our body uses fat for energy – way more health efficient and less fattening than sugar cravings .
Don’t eat anything processed .. Anything, even yogurt go Greek full fat.
Take a night off a week . Eat whatever you want.
One night … Same night every week . If you miss it you miss it . Discipline =results .

You don’t have to follow the sugar monster .
Bitter breaks sweet so have super dark chocolate on hand for when you get a pang for sugar eat that first . Always have some in the house .
Juicing is not bad for you -sitting around eating takeaways with wine and junk chocolate is bad for you . Juicing will help you get skinny and fill you with nutrients . Always add lemon to cut acidity.
Simplify – fortify  lose weight and get strong .
Come talk to me after class if you want to lose a few pounds and be healthy .
Spring is nearly here and our playlists are fierce , do some focused results driven work . We are having a great time while getting strong and lean , come join us , work out to the best playlists in London and stride away with that fist pumping happy feeling you only get from taking back your power.

Big Cyber hugs
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