It’s all about balance.

posted by Mairead 23 July, 2016

 Your Summer hols hurrah !
 It's lovely to roll into summer and all that time off , and while everyone is working out furiously and getting in shape we must also bear in mind that the relaxing is the best bit of summer sunny months.
 It's all about balance .
 Balance is so hard to find in London sometimes.
 Somewhere in between trying to be the best at everything and feeling guilty that your not the best at everything is a limbo of underlying anxiousness.
 Rushing from one thing to the other and constant striving can lead on to just feel under pressure . Why do we do that ?
 When you actually sit and check what you're anxious about , and pay the last two overhanging bills and clear the small stuff , often it's about nothing .
 Nothing in the big real picture of life .
 Just stuff.
 Stuff about not being perfect, or fat enough, or thin enough, or good enough, or successful enough, or in love enough, or rich enough or....
 Imagine , just enough.
  I know all those little cute affirmations about being enough on Instagram and Facebook  sometimes can motivate you for a bit but really just sit with being enough for a bit too . They are not life , life is your people.
 Because there is no round of applause for being the best or the prettiest or the most successful.
 There is no podium at the end where every perfect move you made will be cheered.
 It's just the warmth you radiate and the love you shared  the moments you gave the people you sat with . The smiles you shared , the cheers you gave , and the thought you put into things.
 Take your time , do your best over the holidays, and just be enough.
 Rushing to get through life and missing all the quiet calm bits will make you less happy , less attractive and less healthy.
 Excellence is not stressful , it comes from consideration.
 Consideration can only be done in calm . Thinking is important .
 It's impossible to clear your head if you are in a state of underlying anxious chaos all the time.
 So let it go.
 Life is not that bad.
 You have a lot of stuff and good people love you . You don't need to meditate to do that . just move more slowly, stop creating destinations and just walk awhile .
 Wear your softer side with pride , and when you need to be fierce , be really fierce.
 Be consistent, that pays off , and be strong , then you are calm for whatever happens, however your life unfolds.
 We are tweaking our schedule over the summer but we are having classes so check the website and book your classes online , taking care of our perfectly healthy wonderful bodies  .
 BOOK HERE  There are no 1/2 1/2 classes between 20th of July and August 9th . Just full pure sweat inducing results driven spinn.
 Remember It's all about balance .
 Have a great  holiday you lovely person, love yourself a bit more .
 Strive later.
 Big Cyberhugs


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