Just get going .

posted by Mairead 22 February, 2016

Dear Spinn-off Athlete ,

Our Summer of 16 body work is fully underway at Rosemont road  NW3.

If you’re still motivating yourself to get going for 2016 here’s  a suggestion.

Just get going .

Get some bookings done , pop your lycra on and dive in . You are most probably not clinically depressed or unable to function because of weather / kids / life / ailments in general , you just didn’t get going yet.

Thinking and deciding and getting ready for the big moment when you shine gets nothing done.
Getting some dates with yourself booked , getting your lycra on , and getting going, gets results.
We have all had times in life when laying on the sofa and dragging ourselves about with mystery problems was our Modus operandi.
It doesn’t have to be . Don’t think , just get going.
You can take control of your life , one day at a time .
We know this at Spinn-off .
It’s not easy but it sure as hell is worth it , and the music is great !
Sweat it away , and remember winter is for working.
One day you will emerge from under all those layers of fleece and padding.
Decide to be a butterfly in Summer 16.
Lean up your body with our Spinn-off Food plan , not a diet , a real health plan , and get your mind and body under control with us .

This works .

My wonderful Well woman Doctor ( does Wellman too – perfect Valentines gift – Dr Kellerman ) told me today that quad health is being discussed as one of the most important body strength issues as people age.
Extremely important for longevity. We got quads on the bike and our great squats after cycling, so we are all over taught toned lean quads.

I have been having wellness checks about every 18 months for 16 years with Dr Kellerman. Tracking your long term health in this way is amazingly informative and sensible.
It costs about 1/3  to 1/2 of the price of a good handbag and is so important .

Wellwoman and Wellman available on the NHS too. Just go book in and take care of yourself. Once again don’t over think your plans ,
Text / email / call … just get going .
Big Cyber love as always


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