How we go on now..

posted by Mairead 23 March, 2020

Dear Spinnoff Athlete,


Obviously we had to close to keep us all safe and get through this pandemic and I know how it feels for all of us who love to workout and love our community life here.

But our safety and the safety of the vulnerable and elderly takes priority over everything.
Firstly Thank you a million times all of you who have been in touch since the closure. You should know we appreciate every word and offer from the bottom of our hearts here .

All the business worries and the food mania and the boredom mean nothing at the end of the day if the people we love, and ourselves are not healthy.

We can get through tough times financially , lets make sure we prioritise our people and then deal with all the other stuff.

I started Spinn because of the fear I felt when someone I loved was seriously ill and I know in all my being that NOTHING matters more now than to avoid spreading this virus .

Having said that I also know the best way to avoid the feeling of anxiousness that can sometimes be overwhelming at times like this is to distract ourselves, so we are uploading lots of equipment free videos today to our you tube channel so that routines that are familiar to us all can help us through this.
We are adding more, and doing tonnes of work on this channel so please bear with us .. do each exercise one 2 mins properly . Try to work a ten minute schedule in twice a day and mix them up .

Systems matter and I’m the biggest believer that systems are calming, creating daily patterns in this madness really helps center us. Keeping routines , setting a strict time to workout , getting dressed properly everyday and clearing our heads really does matter. Also stretchy pants will stop you noticing any serious weight gains !

The other thing that really helps is eating healthy food and not drinking alcohol like it’s a hobby.

Avoid the stodge and sugar , not only will it make you fatter and unhealthy it will certainly make you feel sluggish
and that will not help mentally.

Alcohol makes us anxious and nervous – don’t doubt that – the insulin drop the day after the bottle of wine is really a serious issue and right not staying mentally calm now is huge.

Anxiety depression and and alcohol are the most terrible combination for stress building so just don’t do it .

We can all have a big night out at the end of all this when we have a place to sweat off the consequences and raise our endorphins.

We have extended all packages for 4 months right now but don’t worry we will give you time to use the classes you have purchased  when we get back to normal.

We will be doing live daily classes – I need my tech dept to help me a bit more with those as soon as poss and check I’m getting them right -and I’ll send a further email on those asap .

Fingers crossed we don’t have to live like this too long , but meantime don’t stress yourselves, make yourself have an hour a day of no social media – schedule that in and totally stick to it  . I’m going to commit to 7pm to 8pm every day and hope to build in longer than that .

Slow your life down a little and stay inside and read a book or watch mindless TV guilt free. We may be here for the long haul and pacing yourself is very important.

Remember boredom won’t kill you .

Follow our Instagram and Facebook account for lots of info and community vibes currently. We all need to stick together at time like this . If you’re in need, or stuck for anything ( except loo roll ) or need a perk up just don’t hesitate to call or reach out . This is when we really see the value of having built a great community team

We have food regulation groups on whatsapp if you want to join if  the consumption is getting out of control just email us. It’s a lighthearted way to remember to not go to hell in a handbasket, together.

We will get through this . Just stay home and safe . It’s the only sensible thing to do .

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