Why we do what we do at Spinnoff

posted by Mairead 21 February, 2018

Dear Spinnoff Athlete,

All about your VO2 max

With fitness classes being so trendy these days it’s easy to forget that they need to be based on science and results . Not just protein shakes, selfies and high fives.

As you know we are sticklers about technique at Spinnoff .

There are really solid reasons for this. The first priorities are your long term safety and efficiency in your workouts .

We take your fitness very seriously here and while we are not into gym talk and the presentation of fake science for the sake of it , nothing we do is a random move when it comes to your exercise.

I’ve have always disliked generic gym culture and the latest fads based on nothing when it comes to working out, because it just doesn’t work  . Racing and bouncing around on a spinn bike and not adding some resistance is totally pointless at least and dangerous for your body at worst. No matter how sweaty you are , or how high your heart soars it’s not okay  .

Doing exercise on a spinn bike is ideally to get fitness results not to freak your body out .

I know at times this makes the class very different to many dancy studios but we know our technique is based on training and results   , and after 11 years we know it is the right way to work out on a bike .

Here are some of the solid scientific reasons we do what we do . While we love our tunes and the atmosphere , we are seriously into fitness.

Unsure why we do fast sets at level 7 ?

Mad bouncing, head bobbing, fast rat indoor cycling is bad for your knees, your back, your hips, your mind, body, and soul and all this has no positive results . That is why we don’t do that in our class.

Having controlled speed work is the foundation of any exercise program because it is aerobic exercise so digging in , settling your mind and concentrating on the work is worth it.

To develop an aerobic base, interval training on 7 is an important factor in improving fitness level, enhancing performance and boosting your metabolism, so keeping your aerobic base growing is critical.

So every now and then you will notice we do a long song on 7 with a few small resistance adds. These are for aerobic work . They really matter to balance all the programme and make your body way more efficient.

At level 7 efforts, in our scale of 7 to 7.5 , some of our long songs are designed to have little or no bounce –flat feet – relaxed upper body and good form.

Unfortunately it’s quite common for regular indoor cyclists to get into exclusively hard climbs at hard resistance as a habit. This is a big mistake.

It’s easy to  feel like there is much more pay off for this kind of cycling.

Be aware, when one is not increasing the aerobic levels  workouts become too intense , the build up of lactic acid for long periods in muscles create a much less effective and an unbalanced workout.

There are lots of real reasons to vary the Spinnoff levels and patterns of cycling.

At Spinnoff we use real cycling programmes designed and coordinated specially for people who want to maximize benefits in regular cycling workouts for results. Yes it is a cycle class, and its fun , and the music is good , but the concentration on the workout is vital too.

We work on a plan to build strength and increase aerobic levels hand in hand, because in the real world we know many of us like to burn fat …and get really fit and lean.

High Resistance work has great benefits for toning your legs and building strength but be careful not to become a climbing high resistance junkie so we manage the class to have some of everything for a reason.

With fast cycle work at level 7 we are working to improve your VO2 MAX.

VO2max is the maximum amount of oxygen, in milliliters , one can use in one minute per kilogram of body weight.  The basic definition of VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise.

Keep reading, this is very useful information….

People who are really fit have higher VO2max values and can exercise more intensely than those who are not as well conditioned. Being fit and consistently able to stay on endurance levels is the aim for everything in our classes. We really know that is where fitness is actually at. Fitness endurance really matters.

You can increase your VO2max by working at a level that raises your heart rate to between 65 % and 80 % for at least 20 minutes three to five times a week. That is important for long term health.

To increase or maintain your VO2 max it is important to train at a level close to your VO2max regularly i.e. long songs (when we go faster on 7 for a whole song ) Then we do the 7.5 bigger resistance work to build your fitness. Listen to the coach , it’s all a programme .

It will not happen that you are ever encouraged (or allowed) to do any work that will damage your knees in our class. That’s why your set up matters to us.

A flat foot encourages you to use your quads rather than your knees. Hanging back over the seat releasing and curving out your lower back and not locking your shoulders arms and grip is very important .
Correct saddle position is crucial here too. If you’re not sure you are doing it right , insist that we check our position .. we are delighted to do that .

The reason we have flat feet and strong core instruction is to prevent injury and use the correct muscles. At all times at Spinnoff the class is instructed to make sure you are at correct resistance – that is why we use the 7 to 7.5 scale of perceived resistance it makes it easier in a group setting to get everyone right . Then over time your 7 gets a bit more , your 7.5 becomes a bit stronger and you keep getting fitter. Listen to your body and listen to our instructions .

Don’t hold your tummy in, curve out your back and tilt your pelvic floor upwards. You need to breathe so don’t suck the tummy in , and always keep your breath calm and relaxed. Sometimes it’s easy to drift away into your own head but it is really important you concentrate.

It is also important to devote some time to improving pedaling efficiency and skills, so when you are at level 7 going fast and under control think about this …

We are doing this to refine your pedal stroke and encourage pedaling efficiency/coordination/strength. Strong legs are not big bulky legs, they are pretty toned legs.

We develop easily referenced drills so we use 7 or 7.5 resistance. So when we climb we are technically correct and easy to follow and you have less to think about .

When we do speedups on 7.5 we improve neuromuscular coordination and strength which eventually will turn into greater power production and efficiency so you are stronger and can maintain faster speeds with resistance  and have way less bounce, so you are training your legs and body properly.

Get used to pushing your heart rate to a level where you are building your aerobic engine–with calm breath and under control.

Spinnoff  is designed to increase your maximum oxygen consumption. So you get more able to do fierce educated workouts and get better at carrying yourself through the class, and life.

You get way better results in strength and tone if you do classes with real cycle teachers , this is not a dance class. Follow us on Insta for daily updates and easy to prep healthy food ideas .

Make sure you book , the weekend is nearly full. Mairead is here Saturday and Sunday .. just keeping y’all on your toes !


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